Cowherd Without a Clue

“It is the Holy Grail of theoretical physics.”

Beth grinned. “The Holy Grail?”

“Yes,” Josh said with a quick nod.

“Of physics?”

His blues eyes looked down at here. “Absolutely.”

Beth kissed the tip of his erection and ran her tongue over it. “So, explain to me, Mister Scientist…”

“What is that, my love?” His brown hair glistened with sweat as he dangled naked from the cuffs. His arms were bound above his head from the cuffs slung over the tractor trailer body’s interior beam.

Beth reached behind and squeezed his ass. “If gravity is only a theory, how is it I can make this thing rise simply by blowing it.” She slipped the erection into her mouth and took it deep.

He gasped and allowed his head to lull back.

Her right hand returned from its ass adventure to caress his testicles as she sucked him in and out, taking his entire length like a sword in a sheath.

“Please, don’t stop,” he whispered.

Beth braced for the dull taste as she felt his cock start to shudder in her mouth. A quick swallow to get the first shot gone, and then more quicker swallows were required to keep her from gagging.

“That is wonderful. Now, my love, unchain me so I can take you. I must take you now, and make you my beautiful slut. My beautiful whore.”

Beth stood and kissed his cheek. Her hands rested on his hips for a moment as she thought. “Tempting, I must say, but really not part of the plan.”

“Plan, what plan?”

She turned away and pulled the cell phone from her purse. A quick dial of 9-1-1 and she threw the phone onto the truck bed floor. “Don’t worry, lover.” She turned for one last glance. “Cops will trace that and be here shortly.”. She blew him a kiss and stepped out of the truck leaving the naked man hanging so all could see through the trailer doors.

Light rain spit from above marking its territory on the pavement in the dark. A single street lamp lit the entire scene. The road was empty and industrial with many trucks around.

Beth walked a few hundred metres from the trailer into the stairwell that would lead her into the subway. She stepped down a few steps, under the awning, just low enough to conceal her from anyone at the truck looking.

It did not take long. The police cruiser slowly slipped behind the trailer, as though in stealth mode. Cowherd, the extra large police constable in his light blue shirt and too tight navy slacks stepped out of the car.

Beth smiled. She knew it would be him as it was his night on duty. She continued to watch as he climbed up the back of the trailer onto all fours in an attempt to keep his bulky belly off the ground.

Cowherd stood, and shook his head at the scene.

Beth smiled, curious what he was thinking. She blew him a kiss from her hiding spot and headed down into the subway.

Four hours later…

Larry Cowherd sat on his couch with his black doberman, Sergeant.

Sergeant’s head lay on Cowherd’s lap.

Cowherd’s thick hand reached into the large potato chip bag, reappearing with two chips. One for Cowherd, one for Sergeant.

The cell phone buzzed on the television tray beside him.

“Hello, this is Larry,” he said holding the tiny device in his chubby mitt. “Hey, Beth, how’s things?”

Sergeant wagged his tail, hoping for more chips.

“Funny you should ask, she struck again tonight.” He paused, listening to the voice on the other end. “Yeah, the Chief is calling her the ‘Love Him and Leave Him Bandit’. Silly ass name. She left this poor guy dangling in the back of a tractor trailer.” Another pause. “Yeah, I could go for a drink, but you just keep my name out of the story, like always.”. One last pause. “Okay, see you there.”

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