Have a Nice Life

My two are getting to that age.

My eldest becomes officially a teenager in August. My youngest will as well in about 18 months.

When I and their mother split ten years ago, I made a point of calling each night to talk to them and keep apprised of their days. That has fallen by the way it seems.

At first, due to their schedules, my daily call began falling on the daily answering machine. Between karate, singing and other rehearsals, they are rarely home. Being they were not returning those calls, I stopped making them. Now, as I sit here, it just occurred I have not heard from them since Monday.

Even the important things, it seems, I’m filled in later on a “need to know” basis.

In one sense, it is a reminder that their mother would rather I were not around. She and I generally get along, but every once in awhile the girls let something their mother said slip out.

Suffice to say, much as she claims of how important she thinks it is I remain an important factor in their lives, she’s not encouraging them from that end.

I always knew the time would come when dad would be an after thought. I just figured I had time yet. Apparently that time came without warning.

I am not blaming them. They’re kids…I’m not there…out of sight, out of mind. Just how it goes.

So, on this bright note…welcome to the weekend. Beer me! I’ll be my normal upbeat self tomorrow.

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