Shadows in Steam

The door hissed quietly as it shut.  The vapor of smokey white filled the room leaving visibility near zero and the sizzle of stone and water mixing to create it, made the door’s hiss unheard.

Were John driving, he would be in some serious shit about now.  He had left his glasses out in the locker room and slowly padded his way in his gym slippers, as he liked to call them, to the steam room.  As was his tradition, he was naked.  His brown hair, were it not buzzed, would already be in curls.

He never understood why men had taken up wearing towels around the locker room.  It was one thing when they were drying off after a shower and not wanting to drip everywhere, but until that point it made no sense.  Had society become so homophobic that men seeing other men nude made them gay?  Pretty sad state of affairs, if you asked John.  He only carried a towel into the sauna to sit on as it was more comfortable than the wood slats.

His body was not small, but he held his weight well.  A slight beer belly kept him from being overly acquainted with his penis.  Most women would see him as a nice cuddly guy…probably why he was single being he figured cuddly was not what most women were looking for.  Muscular…god-like…those were the terms he expected women wanted, and he could not be that.

A deep guttural grunt came from the corner.

John almost jumped as he had no idea anyone else was in here.  His eyes still could make nothing out beyond the large sauna’s red cedar wood colour and steam…lots and lots of steam…lost in the steam.  He stepped closer to where, if memory served, the wooden benches were.

The deep voice sighed.

The big toe on John’s right foot stubbed lightly against the bench leg just as he caught sight of blurry flesh.  He was not alone.  Seating himself on the bench perpendicular to the one his new-found mate was sitting on, John greeted his comrade, “Damned hot in here, isn’t it?”

A short blasted gasp, as obviously John had not been noticed either.  Finally the voice answered in a slow almost sleepy tone, “It really fucking is.”

Brown eyes turned with a slight grin that suddenly had John’s head snapping to take in a better view as the steam allowed a peak.  “What the…?”

The first noticeable feature of the friend was the ass.  Round and heart-shaped and sitting upon bare feet.

Calculations and extreme guestimations took over John’s brain until he garnered that the other person was on his knees and facing the bench.

The next feature was the curly brunette locks that cascaded half-way down the spine and bobbed as the head nodded.

John could not quite grasp this until he noticed that there were two fleshy hair knees either side of the body.  His jaw dropped open with the realization at what he had walked in on.  Should he leave?  Should he watch? Should he report them?  Were they gay?

The heart-shaped ass gave the clue that this was not a homosexual encounter at all, but a beauty that had been secretly brought into the men’s sauna.

“I’m sorry,” John said mid gulp and accidentally swallowed saliva the wrong way.  His coughing caused the pair to stop giving him the first sight of two faces.

“You okay?” the woman asked with a giggle.

Tim stood and picked up his towel.  With one hand he tried slipping it around his waist, he tried to cover his already formed erection.  It was a brutal failure until his coughing subsided and he could use both.

“Dude,” the other man said, “sit and enjoy the show, please.”

John thought for a moment.  A smile blossomed on his lips but quickly went away.  “I really should…”

“Sam, please,” the other man said.

The woman, obviously the aforementioned “Sam” slipped off the bench and stepped to where John was.  She barely came up to his shoulders.  “Please, sir.  Please stay.”


“Sam, you better help him.”

Her hand was fast and quickly under John’s towel.  “Wow, you’re big.”


Before any more words escaped John’s lips, Sam dropped to her knees in front of him.  Holding him straight, her tongue teased the tip of his erection before the wet cool of her mouth engulfed him.

John, dumbfounded, stood and enjoyed the sensation.

Almost an hour later, Sam was straddling John and her hand was playing with her initial lover’s erection, still going strong.  The steam had long since died, but none of the three cared.  The room was still humid and showers would be required all around after.

John kissed Sam’s neck before looking over.  “Todd, man, this was a great idea.”

“That it was.  Thanks for letting us use your sauna.”

Sam bit lightly at John’s shoulder.  “Boys, we’re not quite done yet.”

“Oh?” John asked.

“What can we do for you, my love?” Todd asked.

She dismounted and moved off the bench to the middle of the room dragging her towel with her.  “Let’s see, each one of you has been in my pussy and each one in my mouth.”

Both men leaned forward to watch the petite brunette.

Her knees were red from over use, but she dropped to them again.  “Neither of you has cum yet.”

“True enough,” Todd agreed getting the hint.  He stood and stepped off the bench towards her.

John was befuddled.

Sam held her hand up and with a long pointer finger curling in and out beckoned him over.

Shrugging, John did as instructed.

Lifting herself erect on her knees, Sam wrapped her right hand around Todd’s cock and her left around John’s.  “Now, let’s get dirty, shall we?”  She pulled both men closer and pulled each, in turn, into her mouth for a stroke or two.

“Holy shit,” John gasped and fought for balance.

Todd laughed.  “I tell you buddy, women have all the power.”  He laid a hand on John’s shoulder for his own balance.

John followed Todd’s lead and the two men held on to each other as their cocks were sucked mere inches apart.

Sam looked up and smiled.  Pulling just a little more, she rubbed the heads of their erections together.  “Now, give me your cum,” she ordered and pulled both erections into her mouth at once.

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