FMBs, Floggers and Drugs…Oh My!

Sheila stood, legs slightly spread with her hands on hips and black flogger held in her hand and resting against her right leg. Her boots were black, leather and to mid-thigh with stiletto heels lifting her up about four inches. Her black fishnet stockings continued north of there, attached to her black leather corset by large industrial straps and buckles. Her black panties were leather as well. Her brunette hair was held in a severe bun. For her curvy and slight chubby physique, this look was different from any she had worn before.

In front of her, Raj was spread eagle over a massage table. His olive skin on the green vulcanized rubber and in nothing but a shocking white pair of underwear briefs. His black hair was long and curly laying half-way down his back as though it could protect him from the coming onslaught.

The walls were solid cherry panels with a dark stain. The light, above, was kept dim giving the room a mysterious feel when combined with the candles on the small tables in each corner of the room.

The flogger was light in her hands as she lifted it and moved to the table side. Laying it on Raj’s back, she circled it around trailing its leather knot and arms.

Raj shifted slightly, already enjoying the sensation. “Please, mistress,” he whispered.

The Middle Eastern accent was what had turned Sheila on when they met at the bar. She had not intended to pick up anyone, nor be picked up…in fact she had never done either before. Leaving her car at the bar, they had gone first to the “Shoppe of Unmentionables” for her current outfit and then to the local “Condoms, Leathers and Chaps…Oh My!” franchise for the flogger. Then he had brought her here, to the massage parlor he claimed to own.

Raj paid for all of it.

Sheila was too tipsy to care. Earlier she had three Merlot in half an hour at the bar…the second and third at Raj’s insistence and on his tab. That was followed quickly by two Long Island Iced Teas and finished off with two Kokanee Beers. Perhaps “tipsy” was an understatement.

Contrary to her alcohol fueled state, however, she felt balanced and confident as she struck the first very light blow with the flogger.

“Harder, mistress.”

She struck harder, with an audible snap and a red welt appeared between his shoulder blades.

“Please, mistress, harder.”

“Shut the fuck up,” she screamed and drove the next blow into him.

Raj’s scream scared her, thinking she had actually hurt him, until her mind actually deciphered his screamed word.


Lifting up the flogger, she aimed.

“Again,” he whispered.

She did, leaving another welt. And again, and again, and again…until Raj’s back was welts and blood lines as though knife play had been involved.

His body heaved, though in his subspace he gave no other sign of any pain.

“Turn over,” Sheila whispered.

He did not move.

The flogger came down hard again.


He turned his slim body onto his back and winced. His white briefs did little to hide the hardness beneath them.

Guided like a compass, the flogger circled his erection.

Sheila dropped the flogger beside the table on the floor. Grasping the erection, through the briefs, she leaned forward and took the cock sheathed in fabric into her mouth.

This, too, was new.

With a gentle tug, the elastic band was pulled and rested just under his balls so her mouth could now taste his flesh without interference.

Raj moaned, “Thank you, mistress. Thank you.”

Pre-cum taste entered her mouth, very bitter but she liked it. Not ready for more, however, she stopped the fellatio. Her hands quickly unsnapped and slipped off her leather panties before climbing on the table and mounting her prey. Her pussy was already soaked and she slid her lips over his hardness, not yet letting him in.

Raj grabbed her hips and positioned her just over his tip.

She stayed propped up on her knees, teasing his cock for a moment longer before plunging down on him.

Sheila awoke in her recliner. Book opened on her chest and she was panting. Standing quickly, the book spilled to the floor, and she walked to her computer.

Her fingers danced across the keys even before she sat in the desk chair as she pulled up her chat screen. “Markus, are you there?”

For a few moments the screen simply stared back at her.

She stood back up, checking the clock and gasping. Walking out of her apartment’s second bedroom that she used as an office, she went to the kitchen to make tea.

As the water began to boil, the computer dinged a response to her earlier message.

Sheila, standing in the kitchen door, still heard it and almost sprinted back to the computer.

“Yes, I am here. Responses will be slow as I’m working,” were the words Markus had sent back.

“The black pill was amazing,” she typed before going to make the tea. Returning, with cup in hand, she sat. Rather than waiting, she typed more. “The dream was so vivid. I felt everything. I could smell the sweat. I even felt drunk.”

A response came through a moment later. “Excellent. Tomorrow you will try the red?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl.”. The cursor blinked after these words from Markus for just a moment.

“I was a domme and picked up a man at the bar.  I even beat him with a flogger and we ended up fucking.”  She expected the next question to be more details about the sex.

To her surprise, that was not the next question at all. To her shock, the question that did appear on the screen was, “How did you like Raj?”

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