Happiness of Zephyr

Author’s note:  This is part three of the Hallucinogens series

“Take the red pill, now,” Markus said into the air.

He always felt these Bluetooth devices made people look like nutjobs. Talking to the air when no one else was listening. Asking the most obscure questions at the most awkward of times.

One particular incident, he recalled a man on the bus across from his asking, “What are you wearing?”

“Yes, sir,” came Sheila’s response on the other end yanking him back to the task at hand.

“Send me a chat when you’re done. I want to hear everything about it.”

“Of course.” The words were followed by a gulp, the sound of her taking the pill.

Markus’ computer lit up as the pill’s receptors gave him the connection. “Good girl. Now hang up and go lay down. We will talk later.”

The phone clicked dead without a “good-bye” nor an “I love you”.. He had trained her well. Amazing what a wanton sheep could be trained to do.

Pulling the Bluetooth from his ear, he turned it off and set it on the desk.  A few quick keystrokes and the program began its computations. The machine buzzed and purred for ten minutes.

The chat engine popped up with the words, “That was amazing! I’m so…happy.”

A smile crossed Markus’ lips as he typed a quick response. “How was Cat’s tongue?”

A few quick back and forth responses and they bid each other good night.

Markus turned his swivel chair. His words were clear and strong, like a minister speaking to the congregation, “And that is the power of Zephyr.  The happiness that Zephyr can bring.  Just imagine it.”

The three men were on the long couch behind him. The large plasma screen above Markus’ desk had shown them everything from computer statistics to the final chat with Sheila. They all wore black suits, black ties and all looked completely uncomfortable.

The man in the middle spoke first. He wore a mullet with a full beard and looked like he would be more comfortable in ski gear than his current attire. “I’m happy you made her feel good, Dr. Tripp, but…”

Markus held up a hand. “You have seen but a taste of what actually happened.”

The man on the left, cleft chin and buzzed grey hair, asked, “And what is this about a cat’s tongue?”

A single laugh escaped Markus’ lips. “Catarina. Perhaps I should show you the highlights.”. He swiveled back to his computer.

A picture of Sheila appeared on the screen. Beside it statistics of being five-foot, four-inches and 200 pounds scrolled along with measurements.

“Our subject is Sheila Grogan. Office administrator for Great Lakes Distribution in Toronto.”

The surfer’s voice spoke up, “So that’s how you have hidden it. Test it outside the States.”

A quick nod and he continued. “Guilt ridden Catholic upbringing that has her near an old maid status. The woman is still a virgin.”

Uncomfortable chuckles from the couch.

“The ten minutes of program that we sensed felt like four days to her.”

A 20-something green-eyed redhead with a high pony-tail falling to just below her shoulder blades replaced Sheila on the screen. Statistics showed her to be six-foot and only 120 pounds with much more attractive measurements.

One of the couch suits gave an appreciative whistle.

“This is Catarina. Life guard by day, part-time stripper by night. Occasional hooker. Russian accent, to boot, to give her that mysterious KGB feel.”

“How long was the program for her?” the surfer asked.

“It didn’t. I made her up.”

The final face was that the men recognized. Lion Thunder was a well-known professional wrestler who stood seven-foot, two-inches and was just north of 300 pounds.

Markus continued, “Before you ask, he is computer generated as well. Just used the real Lion for inspiration on this one.  Thanks to the gestalt of her brain, it need not be all that accurate as she has never met the man either.” A few more key taps and the screen changed to a scene watching Sheila go about her morning routine at break-neck speed. “This is the scene that the pill allowed me to plant into her brain. I will, however, fast-forward to the good parts.”

The screen sped along through Sheila going to work and then to the arena to watch wrestling and seeing Lion make a brief appearance, likely an introduction. A second morning, work, and drinks with Lion…a date, it seemed. Third day, work, and then watching Sheila reading. The fourth day got through work and another drink with Lion, but this time Catarina also joined them at the table.

Markus slowed it down as all three slipped out the back door of the pub into the dimly lit alley.

“What are we doing out here?” Sheila asked as she exited first. Turning, she found Lion already making out with Catarina, his large hand already with a handful of red hair so he could sink his lips into her neck. Sheila’s voice became a whisper, “I guess I should head home.”

Lion lifted a finger to her and tilted it back and forth to chastise her. Her released Catarina and left her panting against the stucco wall. Stepping over to Sheila, he stooped and his lips immediately found her’s with his tongue quickly sliding into her mouth.

Fast forwarding again, the group walked to a hotel and quickly moved to the bed.

Sheila was on the bed and completely naked. Catarina was exploring with her tongue deep between Sheila’s curvy legs. Sheila’s own mouth was busy on Lion’s surprisingly average cock.

The surfer on the couch gasped. “He can’t be that small.”

Markus chuckled. “No idea. Huge cocks are really not the greatest fantasy for women though.”

The scene continued with the three bodies shifting positions.

Catarina let her mouth wander as she took Lion in a sixty-nine. Sheila straddled Lion, just below hs cock and waited her turn. Catarina stopped sucking and, with a big smile, beckoned Sheila to move further up. She continued to hold the cock as it pushed between the lips of Sheila’s vagina.

All three moaned in unison.

Catarina lifted herself up to sit on Lion’s face, but leaned forward far enough to still take mouthfuls of Sheila’s plump breasts.

For an hour the scene continued as the three bodies shifted positions over and over. It finally came to a the obvious climax.

Sheila, on her knees at the foot of the bed and between Lion’s legs, took his cock into her mouth one last time with a smile surrounding it.  The cock pulsed and heaved as its warm liquid pulsed into her mouth, causing her smile to widen further, and a single white drip to leak from the left side of her mouth.

Catarina, on her knees beside Sheila, leaned in for a deep kiss and to share the taste of the warm result of their endeavors.

The screen went blank.

Markus turned to face the suits again.

The man on the right was Oliver Rogers, CEO of Pharmumbrous, Ltd. He leaned forward and glanced at his two, currently very quiet, advisers on the couch with him. “This entire scene was programmed into the pill?”

“No, sir. The pill is tiny antennae, if you will. They allow my computer to project the program into her brain. I control the scenes from here.”

“Like Borg nanos from Star Trek,” whispered the surfer.

“Yes, I suppose you could say that.”

Rogers asked, “Side effects?”

A chuckle before Markus answered, “A blurred sense of reality, perhaps. Controlling the brain has any number of side effects, but considering the benefits and pleasures it will bring.”

“Perhaps? This will never get FDA approval. You’re well into moral grey areas here, Dr. Tripp.”  Rogers stroked his chin.

Markus’ smile did not waver. Beyond a slight tapping of his right foot, he did not move.

Rogers sat back on the couch and sighed. “Five hundred million?”

A nod. “First deposit.”

“First deposit will be in your account in the morning.”

The men stood and hands were shaken all around.

“Thank you, Dr. Rogers,” Markus almost blubbered. “I am so happy we can do business together.”

The three men exited the tiny apartment and followed the graffiti filled stairwell to street level. The limo was, as they left it, parked in the back alley.

Surfer opened the rear door for Dr. Rogers and the gray-hair buzz-cut man got in to drive.

“Tom, thoughts?” asked Dr. Rogers, once they were moving.

The driver glanced in the mirror. “You’re already ahead of my thoughts on this.”

Rogers nodded. “And you, Brendan?”

“I’ll get Sergeant Wilkens on the phone immediately.”

“Perfect.” Roger’s gaze shifted out the window. “As a sex and party drug this will be fantastic, but just imagine the military benefits.”

“Yes, sir,” said the surfer.

“My thoughts exactly,” offered the driver.

“Think this could make many people very happy.” Rogers smiled as the peaking sun slipped out of cloud cover above. “And very fucking rich.”


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