So I had this account on a Facebook application dating site and was starting to use it, similar to all my other social networking accounts, to share my writing and drive traffic and…who knows…maybe actually make some money at this nasty writing habit I have.

Well…apparently either the powers that be on the site…or one of the conservative sheep reported one of my links and thus endeth the account for reasons of “obscenity”.

I FEEL SO VALIDATED!!!!  I’m now controversial or something!!!

When I first read the email, I was shocked.  That inner voice piped in that sounds an awful lot like Bugs Bunny saying, “Not lil’ ole’ me?”

Then the laughing started.

You all know I love to laugh, and this one had me in hysterics.

Just as an FYI, the post that got me booted was The Legend of Don Juan Murphy.  Hardly my most explicit post, in the grand scheme…and considering the speed of the time I posted the link to the time of the email, I expect that whomever deemed it obscene saw the word “erotica” and threw the flag simply at that.

What a maroon!


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