Twitter Led Us Here

Rain melted the view the window offered. It simply showed everything to be wet. Cars slipped by offering spray from a floor below on the ground. The leaves of the elm tree in the front yard glistened in the cold wet fall rain. The window, itself, was in streaks from the water that cleaned everything.

Inside the window was dryer, mostly.

Lacey was a 22-year old college student attending the University of Syracuse. Well…not currently attending as it was the weekend and she had a passport. She spent many a-weekend over the past three years studying her finance courses at this hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. She had a body that most would refer to as cute…about five foot one and curves that made her body very soft. Her shoulder-length brunette hair framed a pretty face with green eyes. Her small mouth currently framed a hard cock.

The cock belonged to Norm. He had just turned 55 last week and had worked as a university professor in banking and finance for more than 30 years. His youngest of four children was ten years older than the brunette currently sucking on his penis. His short white hair was matted with sweat as he sat in the arm chair watching her over his slight beer-belly…his usual position after completing the five hour drive from his apartment in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “Good girl,” he said quietly and his hand stroked her cheek down to her neck.

Lacey smiled around his erection and took it a little deeper. In the year they had been meeting here, she had learned to not gag when she took him deeper…how to open her throat and let more of him in.

Norm continued to pet her and pulled down harder to encourage more depth. He had learned to let himself free…his guilt had been difficult at first, mostly around her age. The slow acceptance of other things such as being a widower for about 25 years and the fact that Lacey was not a student in his classes had left him with this one issue.

The first time they had met was not intended as this at all. They had started talking on Twitter. Lacey would be complaining about finance classes and, before long, Norm was coaching her. The first meeting, they each had their own rooms in this tiny hotel, and it was intended as a tutor meeting over the US Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Lacey had been the perfect student. Taking a plethora of notes and asking all the right questions, they cleared all the intended points by Saturday afternoon. In thanks, she took him to dinner.

The mistake, if that were the right word for it, was Norm’s wine choice. Or, perhaps better wording, his choice to have wine.

Home, in New York, Lacey was not of legal age to drink at that point and she was a straight arrow that had not tried. Here in Ontario, however…after a quick I’d check, she was legal.

Norm selected a bottle of Merlot from a local Niagara winery. After they had polished off the third bottle, the couple hugged each other for balance and appeared to walk through the picturesque street sober. Norm, realizing his dinner companion was new to all this, insisted she come back to his room where he plied her with glasses of water.

Lacey, feeling motherly, insisted he get into bed before she would leave.

The evening ended with Norm in his pajamas sitting propped up against the headboard and a fully clothed Lacey leaning against him both passed out on his bed.

Norm’s cock awoke him. Perhaps more accurately the fact that during the night Lacey had shifted down and used his left thigh as a pillow while she, quite by coincidence, nuzzled his erection with her lips through his pajamas.

Had Norm been sober, he likely would have jumped out of the situation. Being still in the fog of wine, however, he did not want to wake her. Instead he allowed his hand to stroke her hair.

Lacey woke softly, still heavy wine fog herself…luckily, the water had stopped any headache. Her eyes immediately took in the erection in blue fabric in front of her. Had she been completely sober, no doubt the shyness and awkward side would have caused her to pull away. She was about to until she caught sight of flesh…just a patch through the fly of his pajamas. Her shyness was quickly killed by her curiosity of what it would taste like.

She was not a virgin…well, she had slept with one guy in high school, so this point was mere technicality…but she had never tasted this before. Her tongue was slowly pulled into that opening, like a magnet to metal and found the salty taste. Her hands released the single white translucent button that held the fly closed. Her eyes studied the erection as she shifted on the bed so she could look up at him. “Sir, may I?”

Norm could not believe he had allowed this to go this far. His eyes immediately said no, but his mouth did not move.


Only a slight nod.

She needed no further affirmation as her lips quickly found his testicles.

“Gentle,” he whispered. Awkward enough, he knew she had a lot to learn about this as well.

The tip of her tongue slowed and began to trace the line of his scrotum right up to the tip of his erection where she tried to push it into the hole at the top. Her lips then slipped over him and she took him deep in her mouth…too deep as she gagged and had to pull off.

“Get undressed,” he ordered. A quick glance at the clock and he made a mental note of five hours until check out.

Her jeans, blouse and undies were gone quickly.

An hour later, as Lacey rode him slowly, she lay on his chest and whispered, “You can’t cum.”

Condoms had not been something he had thought to pack and the fact she was riding him anyway made her statement seem odd. Norm, now sober, kept his voice calm in its question, “Why not?”

“I can’t get pregnant.”

Norm laughed one quick chuckle. “No chance of that.”

She propped her chin on his chest for the eye contact. She never spoke her question.

“I’ve been fixed since I was forty-five.”

Her smile announced the sudden increase in her pace. She climbed up into a cowgirl and humped harder until she screamed her own climax and felt his.

Three firsts for her, that morning. Her first blowjob…her first time to feel the warmth of cum inside her…and the first time someone other than herself had brought her to orgasm.

Now, three years later, Norm looked down at her naked and kneeling in front of him. The collar around her neck had been a gift he gave her two years ago. “Lacey,” he whispered.

She stopped with a puzzled look. Usually she would taste his cum before real lessons would start.

“Get on the bed.”

“Of course, sir.” She got up and padded across without question. She lay back.

Norm stepped over between her legs holding his erection with one hand and her currently unattached leash in the other. He crawled onto the bed and attached the leash. Then lowering down between her legs, he got the first aroma from her pussy that he loved so dearly.

Lacey giggled at the tickle of his breath.

“This time, please try not to squirm.”

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