In the Black

There are stars up there, twinkling in the black.  They wink as they watch me from far above…much as I watch them from here.

The same stars she watches from there.

Our shared vision in the blackness of reality…a sight of all that could be out there…that seems possible and yet just out of reach.

“When you’re reaching for a star, there’s a long way to fall.” – C.D., Roxanne

The stars watch us both and laugh.  To them we are so close together…but to us, it is much too far.

Geography, next to Mother Nature, is the harshest of mistresses.  Globalization giveth the dreams that the kilometres taketh away…a thief in the night…taking those dreams to the stars.

What do those stars dream?

Do they dream of great love?  Of great romance?  Of those moments of embrace where all the world melts away and there is nothing but lovers doing what lovers do best?  Perhaps they have dreams of orgasms that cause the super nova to overtake them…where the gravity is so great that their lovers are all dragged to them and they become one.

Would these dreams simply leave a black hole if they ever do come to realization?

“You know, you come from nothing, you’re going back to nothing. What have you lost? Nothing!” – Eric Idle, The Life of Brian

They say that the journey is just as important as the destination, but at what point does this journey of dreams become the destination?  When does the train of thoughts and wishes actually let us off to rest?  When does it evolve from searching and hunting to confidence in relaxing the walls we have built up to let someone in?…When will the time come when there will be fistfuls of hair as she and I create our own big bang?

Evolution is not a journey at all.  It is the fickle fates flexing in the laughter of the stars above…still watching…still seeing the joke…

Of how this great distance between lovers is really nothing at all.

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