Talon’s Educational Relaxation

Author’s note:  Talon’s descriptive dialogue was kindly written by a friend who has asked to remain anonymous.

“First,” she said, “you have to relax.”

Luke grinned.  “I am relaxed.”  The cafeteria light gave a shine to his recently buzz cut head and beard…brown hair, for the little there was of it.

“Not you, silly.”  Talon smacked his shoulder and smiled across at Gina.  “Control your boyfriend already.”  She tugged at her green turtleneck that hugged her slim torso.  Her nipples, just at the thought of this discussion, made an appearance through the fabric.

Gina nodded and pushed her red bangs from her eyes.  She brushed a crumb off the shoulder of her black tee-shirt.  “Yeah, that’s not happening.”

Talon’s straight brunette hair pulled off her left shoulder as she turned to Luke.  “You did ask.”

He laughed and pulled his jean jacket tighter around him.  “I know I did, go on.”

The York University cafeteria was near empty as the bots went about their programmed business of cleaning the tables of the dirty plates the students had used for dinner.  This cafeteria was part of the Stong College building that was on the northwest corner of the main campus.  A wall of windows showed the snow starting to fill in the pathway outside which, due to the current blizzard, was an unstepped sheet of white.

Talon took a deep breath and her big brown eyes glanced around to make sure no one else was listening in.  “Okay, so the very first time, it’s awkward and scary.  I always wonder…How is gonna taste? Is he gonna enjoy it? What if I can’t make him cum? Did he just pee out of that thing?”

All three laughed.

“For real, these are the things I always think about.  Like I said first, you have to relax to do this or you’ll panic.”

Luke’s eyes widened.  “I guess you would.  Not something most guys would think of.”

Talon continued, “As soon as my lips touch the head, all those thoughts disappear.  The skin is soft, like a baby’s.  At first you have to use some spit to lube him up.  I don’t like to use actual lube if I’m gonna put it in my mouth.  I like to stroke his shaft with my hand to get his juices flowing, even squeeze it gently and use his pre-cum as extra lube.  I swirl my tongue around the head and then suck on it with my lips.  The combination of the pre-cum and the sweat on his skin makes it taste so salty.  Then I tighten my lips and continue to inch his cock further into my mouth until his tip tickles my throat.  I don’t have a very sensitive gag reflex, so I can get it pretty far in.  I then slide back up and repeat while I alternate rubbing his balls with my hand and massaging his shaft with my thumb and index finger as I suck.”

Gina laughed.  “Oh, fuck, Luke.”

The look on Luke’s face told that he was getting more of an answer than he had anticipated.

“The look on a guy’s face as I do this is such a turn on for me, such a thrill.  Funny, but just like your’s right now.”  Talon pointed with a giggle.

Luke’s pale cheeks blushed heavily and he looked away.

Talon moved closer to him, snuggling his arm between her breasts.  Her voice deepened and became a more sultry whisper as she went on, “The stress release, the vulnerability, the bliss. It’s so hot.  His eyes start to roll back, he bites his bottom lip, his breathing gets heavy, his heart races.  I love it,” she whispered right in Luke’s ear.  “I love knowing that I’m responsible for the ecstasy he feels.”

Luke gulped audibly.

“When I can tell he’s ready to cum, I talk to him and tell him to relax, to let go.  My sucking and stroking gets gradually faster.  It’s like the final sprint in a marathon. It is my goal to get him to the finish line.  He explodes…in my mouth, on my face, wherever he decides.  If in my mouth, I usually don’t swallow, but I have.”

Luke sighed.

“It doesn’t really taste like much…salty, slimy, milky.  I’ll have to think of a better way to describe that.  But yeah, it’s hot.  At this point, I’m extremely turned on and ready for more.”

Gina chimed in with a smile.  “I bet you are.”

“Fuck I want that,” Luke growled and looked across at Gina.

Holding both hands out to wave him off.  “Don’t be looking at me, it’s Talon’s story.”

“I know, but…”

“You better blow him,” Gina said and winked at Talon.


Luke’s red cheeks went burgundy.  “But…”

Talon snuggled closer and glanced around the cafeteria.

A robot in the corner continued taking dishes, but paid them no heed.  A few other students with stacks of books snacked on chips and sodas while concentrating on their current study focus.

Her hand found his bulge through his jeans.  Her amazed face turned to Gina.  “You lucky whore.”

Gina laughed and clapped her hands together.

Talon whispered in Luke’s ear, “Turn to me, baby.”  She backed up so he could flip a leg over the bench.  Her hand tugged at the zipper and slipped inside.  “I hate jeans as they make things too tight for this.”

“Tell me about it,” Gina laughed again and sipped her coffee.  Her eyes darted about as she played guard.

Talon slipped Luke’s erection through the fly in his briefs.  Her eyes widened at the look of it and a smile blossomed.  Leaning forward, she kissed the tip lightly before giving Luke a sly look.  “Relax, baby.  This won’t hurt a bit.”

Luke gasped again, and glanced around as he began to feel exactly what she had just described to him.  He began to relax as he realized Gina was keeping watch.  “I can’t believe…oh, fuck, yeah,” he whispered.

After a short time, Gina stood and walked all the way around the long table.  She straddled the bench and snuggled up behind Luke.  Hugging her arms around him, her own hand grasped Talon’s hair and pushed her down on Luke further.  She whispered just loud enough for Talon to hear, “Don’t swallow it all.  I want to taste it, too.”

Luke, hearing this, couldn’t hold back and exploded his cum into Talon’s mouth.

“Mmmmm…”  Talon continued to keep him in, not spilling any.  Swallowing all but a few drops, she came back up with a smile and one drop of cum leaking from the corner of her mouth.

Gina leaned over Luke’s shoulder, “Here, let me get that.”

Talon leaned in and kissed Gina deeply, sharing the taste of the cum in her mouth.  As they parted, she took Luke’s limp cock and slipped it back into his pants.

“Fuck, that was hot.”  Luke still blushed as he pulled up his zipper.

Talon blushed slightly and put a hand to cover her smile.

Gina giggled and hugged him.  “Was?  Luke, darlin’, Talon’s sleeping with us tonight.”

Amazingly, Luke did not faint.

Talon smiled.  “Just relax, baby.”  Her hand squeezed his crotch lightly again.  “This won’t hurt a bit.”


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