Still Stranded After Two Years

Will be two years this coming week since I first posted on this site.  This, of course, being my 649th post on this site.

Truth is, it is about fifteen years since my first time published and I have been writing regularly all that time…though really not so regular as I have the last two years here.

Not sure if I have found my niche…my outlet…my soapbox…or some combination there of, but I am still enjoying this time.  By “this time” I mean that I had posted stories on Facebook and even some old dating sites that allowed it…I even did try running previous attempts at sites for blogging as well.  This one, finally, has stuck.  I have not yet lost patience with it.

Anyway, thank you to those who read my little stories…some have told me they want more.

My set on the Gods of Atheism is not dead…just working through a revamp and, included with that might be a reboot from the beginning or at least a re-edit and re-post of the articles.  This is both my longest running set of anything, plus the most consistent readership numbers I have had. As I am typing this, in fact, had a really weird run yesterday when my article on Clive Barker was viewed 85 times in just 24 hours.  I am rather proud that, of all the people I have done these articles, Rush is the most read still.

Recently I have picked up the pace more on the fiction again, and that has felt really good lately.  Something of a catharsis for me when I am somewhat happy with what I post here.

In fact, this newest series I have begun with the character, Talon…this one could be fun.  In my head she reminds me of one of my shorter, earlier series about the hooker, Clair…but with more humour.  Okay, the first part really was straight erotica on its face, but I have a couple of skeletons sitting in the draft folder that could put her into a realm that rivals the Gray stories for laughs.  Actually, as I type this, been a long time since I went back to look at the Clair series.

…and, no, Gray is not yet done.  I recently resurrected him and have a couple of drafts that I will torture him in yet.  Not sure he will be all that impressed, but he will tell you once he figures out what is going on.

Then there is also the new Good Girl set…and I am having some difficulty with this one as I cannot decide if I actually want to give the stories an arc, or simply keep each part as a snapshot.  There will be more when I figure that out.

Back in August I started a series called Hallucinogens that I have future drafts waiting for as well.  Not certain on that one as it is much more serious than I have previously been working on…but again, more to come.

There were also three other one-offs since August that I may yet go back and run with.

I will also admit that I have mused about working on one to bring all of my fiction series together…but I have not quite figured out how to get a typing dog, Fifi; a dreaming red-sweatered Cliff; and a Medieval man-servant named Cross into one coherent story arc..a bit like how a good comedian brings all the best stuff back together towards the end.

Not to suggest the end is near…

In fact, I think Robert Lamm might sing it best…

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