Black and White

Press play…

She waited on her knees, as instructed.  Her black corset was tight, but breathable.  Cuffs bound her wrists behind her back and were connected by a longer chain to her black leather collar.

I had her bend over, “doggy-style”, to link the chains and put on the cuffs.  As always, I was gentle but firm with her.  She knows when to resist, and this was not one of those times.

Now, however, she remained on her knees with little motion.  Her ass seated on her ankles, hands behind her, and blonde hair free.  Her black stockings showed just enough flesh of her thighs without offering too much detail.  Her black pump stiletto heels could have punctured the mattress she waited upon.  Her piercings of navel and tongue both concealed.

I circled the bed and studied her.  What pleasures could I give her this eve?  What boundaries would I push her past.

She is such a good girl, awaiting my instructions.

I slide on to the bed behind her and she does not move.  “Bend over,” I whisper as I hug her to assist with balance.

As instructed, she bends and is now, in essence, on her knees and her face.  The position looks awkward, but there is potential here.

I kneel beside her and nuzzle her neck, eliciting the appropriate sighs and light gasps.

Her neck is so sensitive.  It is her spot of Kryptonite that I have discovered in my research of her body.  The neck and her ankles, it seems, are the way to this woman’s pleasures.

With one hand I grasp a breast beneath her and pinch her nipple lightly.  With the other, it circles her pale ass cheek, rubbing slowly and warming.

Her face turns to one side, towards me and connecting her blue eyes with mine.

My hand strikes her ass with a loud crack, and quickly begins rubbing again.  I lean forward and kiss her lightly…much too awkward to exchange tongues in that position.

A smile appears on her mouth and her tongue stud makes a brief appearance as she licks her lips.

Another crack of my hand, and the red is already apparent.

She moans her approval while her eyes please for more.


“Fuck,” she lets out the word with a deep sly sensuous voice.

Good girl.


My free hand takes a fistful of her blonde hair and pulls for leverage.


She almost collapses from her knees, but shows her wanton strength as she withstands.  Her legs shake, but she holds on.




I release her from my grasp.  The cuffs and chains vanish.  My only control remains in the collar.

She collapses on the bed with body rising and falling from each breath.

I lay with her and stroke her hair.

Her body cuddles into my embrace and her eyes smile at me with that wanton smile.  “Please sir,” she whispers.  “I want more.”

My good girl…

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