A Quiet Hotel

Roxie, in the falling snow, stopped and grabbed his coat by the lapel to pull him down to her.  She said with that growl again, “Best first date ever.”  She then kissed him with a force that would put Wesley and Buttercup to shame.

…Roxie awoke as sunlight filtered into the hotel room.  Her head rested with her red hair splayed across Peter’s round belly.

The fire was out, but the room was still warm.

She smiled at the memory of the previous evening…

In nearly three-foot of snow, it had taken them almost two hours to walk to the Delta Hotel after the film.  The snow was still light and fluffy, but Roxie being only 5’4″ herself had issues pushing through it.  Not to suggest that Peter, at 6’4″ was having an easy time, either.

The hotel concierge that Roxie knew was, luckily, on duty even though it was after midnight.  Jacob had worked at the Delta for 25 years and, something Roxie had not mentioned to Peter, owed Roxie a favour…likely first born based on their history, but he was more than eager to get her a room quickly and without charge.

Both Peter and Roxie had stumbled into the honeymoon suite exhausted, and not really appreciating what room they had for obvious reasons.  No words were exchanged.  The two person Jacuzzi was ignored…the complimentary mini-bar was ignored…they both just collapsed on the bed shivering together.  They did not, however, ignore the fireplace the room had and Peter quickly had it ablaze with the wood he found on the floor beside it.  Between that, the snuggling and the room heater, it finally brought their shivering under control.

Peter, now feeling human again, slipped off the foot of the bed and his tongue finally went to work tasting what it had jealously taken from his fingers at the movie.

Roxie, boots still on, wrapped her legs around his head and put a hand at the back of his head to pull him tight against her pussy.

His tongue dug into her searching for taste beyond that he had already experienced.  The sweet juice of her pussy quickly washed over his tongue and he soon found himself sucking her clitoris and beginning his gentle alphabet on her with his tongue.  This time, however, his own hands pulled down his zipper and slowly lowered his pants and briefs to his knees.

Roxie lifted her head up and whispered.  “I need to make you cum.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Peter replied and with one firm hand on her chest pushed her back down.  His other hand began to stroke his own erection.

“Yes, sir.”  Roxie’s words surprised even her.  She then screamed with pleasure as another orgasm neared.  She had lost track as to how many times he had made her cum that night at the movies.  She figured this was six or seven.

Peter’s mouth brought her to an eighth before finally releasing her and moving up to cuddle beside her.

“When did you get naked?” she whispered as she reached down and grasped his limp, wet, penis.  “And you came?”

“Yes,” he growled.  “I did.”

She had held his penis in her hand and lay her head on his belly as they both fell asleep.

…as she now lay awake, she listened to his light snore through his chubby belly.  It was rather surprising that he had not pushed her off as she expected his bladder might be an issue.  His penis was limp in her hand, but a few light squeezes and she had him hard…still sleeping, but hard.

A distant car horn honked outside.

Roxie thought about closing her eyes and going back to sleep…but…she moved forward and her lips kissed the tip of what she held.  His taste was salty, as skin should be, and she let her tongue run along his entire length to taste more.  She was, at first, tempted to simply suck on it but then recalled that no camera was present so she allowed her tongue to simply explore him.

His taste was different from other men…and she had previously had many men in her mouth.  Between her recent porn films and, prior to that, days on the escort circuit she had long since lost count of the number of blowjobs she had given.  She had also lost track of the amount of cocks she had inside her as well…but they were not there yet.

…although, they had been during the film shoot where she had dragged him into the scene.  Unlike other “studs”, he had been reluctant, shy and even gentle…and he had not cum.  She had been rather upset that she had not been able to make this amateur cum yet.

She finally took the sleeping man’s erection deep into her mouth…and felt him stir awake.

“What are you doing?” His voice was still half asleep and could have been a mock of Barry White.

Roxie giggled.  “Shut the fuck up.”  Her tongue played with his tip, specifically the hole on top, before sucking him back into her mouth.

Peter begged, “Please stop.”

“But you haven’t cum yet,” she answered quickly…and realized just how odd his request and her response was.

“Yes, I did.”

With his dick half in her mouth, she froze.  When did he cum?  Not when she fucked him on the set.  This was the first time she had sucked him, and he had yet to.  She opened her mouth and released him.  “When?”

He chuckled.  “When I was licking you last night.  On the carpet.”

“Oh, fuck,” she laughed.  “That doesn’t count, honey.  What the fuck do you have against me making you cum?”

“Nothing.  I’m just scared that this fantasy will be over.”

Roxie felt her heart skip into her throat.

This guy thought he was out of his league with her.  He held her in such a high esteem that he thought this real experience was simply a delusion.

She did stop.  Crawling up beside him, she kissed his ear.  “I’m not going anywhere.”

Peter said nothing.

Lifting a leg over him, she straddled and with amazing ease, he slipped inside her.  Roxie purred at the gentle feeling of him both inside and his hands finding her hips.  Such gentleness that, she knew, could turn rough if she needed.

“Please stop,” Peter whimpered.

“No…”  Roxie grinned and continued to ride him.

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