A Brat in a Dungeon With a Man Named After a Muppet

“He named him after a fucking Muppet.”gollumface

Apple’s blue eyes glanced at the naked man dangling from the chains at the center of the ring. “Yeah, I can see that being an issue.”

He was skinny and had his back to the women…not that it was a choice.

Bette stroked the butt end of the whip in her hand. “And look what he makes me wear. I look like a librarian who wears hooker gear. I suppose I should consider myself lucky he didn’t put me in those 60s cat’s eye thick glasses or something.”

“Careful or you might give him ideas.”

“That bastard, he rebooted our story. His fucking idea of a play on words being he has me in these thigh highs all the time. Anyway, he rebooted our story with a new start and then just left us with nothing to do since. I hear rumors of these great chapters in a draft file somewhere, but nothing more.  One fucking chapter.”

Grover turned his head. “He wrote two, actually.”

“You shut up!” Bette ordered.

“She’s been tough to live with.”

“I said shut the fuck up.”  The whip in her hand lashed like lightning to the ground and stung his ass.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“And don’t you ma’am, me.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Bette turned her eyes back to Apple. “He wrote two new chapters and then just left us in fucking limbo.”

“Well, there must be some perks, no?” Apple shrugged. “You get to beat him all the time and that seems…awesome.”

“Do you have any fucking idea how sore my arm is?”

“Can I try?”

A grin flashed across Bette’s lips. “You want to whip my boy?”

“So long as I can fuck him after, sure.”

“Not sure what kind of shape he’ll be in after that, but…”

“And here, I thought the writer had tried to make you and Grover a romantic set?”

Bette’s face blazed red. “He did! He fucked up the original series by trying to make us romantic and even suggested I was pregnant at one point.”

Apple mocked a gasp. “Romance. The nerve. He’s not a very good writer, is he?”

Bette shook her head. “Pathetic.”

“Is one of you going to whip me or not?” Grover asked, causing his body to swing slightly as he turned to look. “I hear, by the way, the bastard is single and desperate.”

Apple’s smile vanished. “Give me the fucking whip.”

Bette, surprised by the tone, handed it over without question.

Knowing he had hit the right button, Grover giggled in anticipation.

Apple snapped the whip and struck Grover’s ass like an expert. “He is not desperate.” She snapped it again with perfect precision that could only be granted by an author that liked her.

Grover howled, enjoying the pain.

“He might be lonely, but not desperate.”

Bette turned from the scene and listened to the next snap of the whip.  “You know the irony of all this?”

Apple laughed and answered, “The fact that I’m whipping a boy I’m about to fuck and that he is simply the imagination of some writer and will never truly put his cum in me?”

“No,” Bette said quietly and chuckled.  “The fact that the writer of our lives…” She spread her arms out, bent back her head and screamed at the ceiling.  “Our god…the closest he has come to writing about himself is the man with the cane.”

Apple stopped mid-strike and the whip missed Grover.  She turned and asked, “You mean Drake?”

A nod before Bette answered, “Of course.  The fictional character who owns this place.  Well, either Drake or Fifi.”

“I know about Fifi.”  Blue eyes wandered around the glassy knoll of the arena they were within.  “But there is no audience.”

“No…He has yet to write in an audience.  He is not convinced an audience actually exists.”

Grover, in a somewhat pained tone, piped in, “See, he’s pathetic.”

The whip flared out and snapped Grover’s ass in a way that would have impressed Indiana Jones.

“He is not pathetic,” Apple said in a very quiet tone.  “He is…he is…”

Bette placed her hand on Apple’s.  “He is pathetic.  You better fuck Grover before you’re time here is up.”

The blaze in Apple’s blue eyes quickly vanished as she accepted what Bette had said.  “Yes, I suppose you are right.”  She dropped the whip on the mat of the ring and walked around to the front of Grover.  Her stiletto heels clicked on the mat like a metronome. “Where is Drake?”

“Why? Hoping for a two-for-one? Odds are you’ll have to wait to meet him yet.”. Bette also walked over to Grover’s dangling body and watched closely.  “I’ve no idea where Drake is.  Been a long time since I have seen him.”  Her tone went to wistful…”Much too long.”

Looking up at Grover, Apple studied his naked body.  Wrapping his limp penis in her hand, she inspected it.  “This is at a good level.” She stood, eye to penis, and coaxed an erection from him with slow strokes. “That’s better.” Her red lips slipped over the tip and held firm as she began to slowly walk, turning him with her mouth.

A coy smile appeared on Bette’s lips as she continued to observe.

Gasping with pleasure, Grover locked eyes with her as they moved.

Grabbing his hips to hold him here, her mouth grip released. “I need him down.”

Immediately, the chain began to lower and Grover was quickly standing beside her.  Without asking, he found a way to lie on the mat…awkward with his bound hands, but he succeeded.

Apple glanced at Bette.  “So I can fuck him?”

Bette shrugged.  “What do I care?  I’m just imagination.  Do your worst to him. Wait…no.”

Concern crossed Apple’s face. “What is it?”

Bette’s eyes glanced down at Grover. “We’ve not had a threesome.” She leaned down to kiss Apple hard and with hunger. Her hand stroked Apple’s red hair.

Apple’s tongue was waiting so they could jig together.

Frozen in shock by what was happening…to go from dangling and being whipped to such a view of his mistress and the gorgeous redhead preparing to pounce on him…Grover enjoyed the view.

…and they did pounce.

For the next two hours, Grover tasted nothing but pussy while his cock was treated to four sets of lips from two mouths and two pussies. Stamina was his friend as the two women were relentless, not giving him a break.

The women also explored each other’s bodies with tongues running from eyelids to toes of each other.

As the energy drained, and so many orgasms had been experienced between them, both women lay either side of still bound Grover and shared the final blowjob…Bette sucking his balls while Apple swallowed his shaft

Grover tensed as the women finally milked an orgasm from him. Both smiled as the warm white spray onto his belly.

“Wow,” was all Apple could muster as her red fingernails played with Grover’s cum. She took one taste off her finger tips and rolled her eyes in pleasure.

“Best you can come up with?” Bette mocked her before rolling onto her back and tried to catch her breath.

Remaining silent, Grover blinked trying to stay awake. After two hours, the energy loss plus the chemical release of his orgasm could have him out cold very quickly if he let it.

“Pretty much.” Apple licked her lips. “I’m just waiting for my Quantum Leap moment.”

Bette’s eyes drifted over. “Oh?”

“That moment when I move on to my next destination.”

“Does it happen quick?”

“Usually not long after orgasm.” Apple blinked as the color began to drain from her vision. “Here we go.”  Her eyes locked with Bette’s for just a moment.  “Oh, and I love the boots.”

Having just watched Apple wink from existence, Bette could only come up with two words, “Oh boy.”

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