What I Want

Press play…

What the hell do I want?

…and though she will fuck up your life…you want her just the same…but now I know…

Lottery winnings?  No…always hear the people about the problems that come with winning the millions and so many saying something to the effect of being willing to try those problems out…sure I could use a little, but too much would not help me.

Power?  Why?  Who do I want power over?  Power is craved by the weak…those that feel the need to control others because they cannot control themselves without that ego boost…no…not power.

Love?  Been there…tried that…the Disney curse and fairy tales have destroyed any real concept of love.  Two things love has been associated with traditionally that it never should have been…romance and sex.  Love…real love…has nothing to do with those.  Real love is the unconditional emotion for our children and families…it also extends to friends and even romantic interests…but I have love in spades.

Praise?  Pffft…please…I enjoy feedback on my writing whether praise or honest critique.  I am the guy at the office that thinks my pay cheque is enough thanks for doing my job.

Glory?  Again…pffft…please…that’s where dogma comes from.  This is not a post about my views on dogma…those can be found in the GOA.

So what do I want?

I want to hear that catch in her breath.normal_neck_kiss

You know the one.

The one with but a single brush of my lips on her neck, she is mine and willing.  The one that leads my lips to her bare shoulders to help warm the goosebumps that my kissing her neck has created.  That catch that leads to exploring her naked body as she squirms and sighs more while I work my one true fetish…tasting her…

Then I want another catch in her breath…that one that is accompanied by the comfortably uncomfortable grin…the grin caused by that initial spreading of her hips, spreading her lips, and the initial penetration of her.  That one that leaves her arms and legs wrapped around me as we cling together not wanting the other to ever leave that one spot on Earth…that one spot in time…that one spot with each other.

That is what I want.




  1. Simple? In so many ways yes and yet at times it can feel unobtainable… as the saying goes, simple pleasures are the best, or words to that effect. Unfortunately for many the simple things have too often been forgotten.


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