Two Things Missing

In this photo, I am missing two things…

First, Canada’s sensuality..eroticism…our libido is based around winter.  This picture is two years ago…and we have not really had snow since.  We need the snow to warm up, as we do so well with bodies working together in front of roaring fireplaces while warm beverages wait for us to finish…

Second thing…traded in the hybrid today…and this will likely be the last picture of it that I recall.  Now I need to break in the new car properly…any volunteers?


  1. While we’re not fans of snow – at least, not driving in it, having to shovel it, etc. – we certainly see the appeal of sex in front of a roaring fireplace on a snowy night. We’ve done that before, of course, just without the snow. We don’t get any where we live.

  2. Unfortunately none of my experience with snow has been erotic, nor have I had any fun in front of a fireplace. Still, I can grok the mind image 🙂
    Would love to help you christen the car properly, were we not at such a distance 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Winter and snow sadly have the opposite effect on me – my libido goes to sleep, and all I seem to want to do is hibernate! Still, a roaring fire can at least go some way to compensating for the heat and light that I miss!

  4. Missy Little

    ooh! to make a naked snow angel in that snow. everything would be cold and red and stiff. now add somebody warm, and you really have some fun.

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