Aftermath High School

A guest post by Vicious Delicious

As I walked up to the school grounds, all I felt was fear

What am I doing? I don’t belong here!

This school is for the elite the rapper pros

These guy are the kings, they are my heroes

With Dre as the principal, I was bound to bomb

No way in hell could I match one of his songs

You know how hard aftermath is

This school could beat all the masses

I heard the guy who teaches math is Obie Trice

He’ll literally fuck you if you fail to be nice

Just smirk smug at him once and you’ll pay a price

For security I heard they use 50 cent

Just look at him wrong and you’ll be royally bent

As I navigate these halls, I see Mr.Royce

Looks like he’s teaching acting & voice

It’s so hard to find my way around

This place is a maze, my class can’t be found

Oh wait, I think I see english, room D12

I just can’t believe how nervous I felt

As I entered the room, my fear starts to faze

He’s looking right at me, with an icy blue gaze

Mr.Mathers points to me and says “Take a seat”

So I dumbly followed his finger like a dog to meat

My god, he was beautiful, he moved with such grace

But that wasn’t all, he had such a wondrous face

As he explains rhymes and compound syllables

I find he’s amazing, his voice is incredible

Oh jesus, was I in love or was this just lust

My emotions are brimming, just at the cusp

Just think about how much this sucks

Most would pay a million bucks

To get his advice, its such a shame

I bet it makes you sick to hear me complain

I need some control, I just might explode!

I’ve got some tingles I need to unload

Every word and every rhyme

Watch him close, he speeds up time

I want to say I need your lessons

Please,get out your Smith & Wesson

Put your back hand all across me

I’m a Good Girl,I promise not cross thee

As the weeks pass by, I get deeper inside

I want to be his slut, underneath his desk I’d hide

I’d his personal pet, specializing in head

Then he could take me home, and fuck me in bed

I think I really need a tutor

I can’t look this up on a computer

If I bend over, will he grade me?

I fucking wish he would degrade me

Oh man this sucks, It’s just the worst.

Another F, I must be cursed

I’m studying hard now, I need to pass

But when he walks by I watch his ass

I think I’m failing, he distracts me

If only there were a way to detract me

I think I need to take a new direction

But I can only think of his Erection

I avoid his gaze, and try not to blush

It’s my luck ,I really shouldn’t push

Is he the man, I think I’m seeing?

He’s pick’s up chalk and starts decreeing

Priceless are the things I’m learning

Does he know it’s his touch I’m yearning

Dammit, just what I need another test

Oh well I guess I’ll just do my best

As I turn in my paper, I was so afraid

What if I fail? In his eyes will I jade?

Suddenly Shady looks at me aghast

Does have the results? I hope I passed

I swear to god, it’s my mind he’s reading

I can’t wait to find out just what he’s needing

Oh god, he’s coming out my way

I have no idea what I’ll say!

I daydream about him fucking my throat

Instead he wink’s and passes me a note


And it says, says, says……


“I know that you’re thinking about my dick

Understandably, my dick is smooth, it’s really thick

You little slut, you’re such a tease

Open your mouth and spread your knees

I think it’s time that you put out

Bend over now, be my girl scout

You can cry but, Don’t you pout

Don’t act like you know what I’m about

Take that skirt off and make it snappy

I’ll show you how to make my cock happy.”

I put the note down, and looked away

I felt bewildered, so this was his play

All those things I thought I could handle

It made my box burn, like a roman candle

I look to him, am I disgusted?

Is he the man I really I trusted

I shiver and shake, am I scared?

Who knew, to think, I actually cared.

I feel him leading me into temptation

It’s the truth, not my imagination

This man is supposed to be my teacher

Now I think I need a preacher.

Am I dreaming, Am I wet?

How is this possible we just met

Oh God,

I don’t want to be his new class pet

I just can’t wait, is class over yet?

Oh wait, I think I need a tiny break

I think “let me out”, For my sanity’s sake

Fuck this school, I need a hall pass

I was wrong, I can’t be his Lass

I raised my hand up, Man, I’m brave

Please say yes or I think I’ll cave

He walks away and he smirks

He ignored me, that big fat jerk!

He may be smart, but I have a plan

If I can’t change his mind,

I know one thing that can


So I took another look at his note

Flipped it over and I wrote:

Dear Mr.Mathers, Please come and save me.

I’m so lonely and I want your baby.

My message was simple, I made it quick

I swallowed hard, nervous, I was sick

As calmly as possible I fold it up

Tossed the note, I aimed for his cup

I watched Shady read what it said

He looked it over then shook his head

His eye’s widen and he says  “fuck”

Bitch, get out you’ll have no such luck!

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