Fisher of Kings, Jazz and Brats

Author’s note…this is my first add to “Sultry Saturday”…and the tenth part of the Brat series that some may be joining in progress…then again, this entire series is joining all my past stories already in progress…

Press Play…

“I like New York in June! How about you?” Robin Williams sang at the three from the television.  “I like a Gershwin tune! How about you?”

Jake glared at the redhead.  “Are you going to make me show you how?”

“No.”  Apple winked at him.  “I got this.”  She lowered her lips over Jack’s erection…and kept going.

Jack, propped up on the bed by his elbows so he could watch both her and Jake, his husband, currently fucking her from behind.  “What kind of name is Apple, any…oh fuck, yeah, right there…”

“Good girl,” Jake prompted.  “You do know what you are doing.”  He followed that with a solid smack on Apple’s ass.

“What the fuck?”  The question came in a female voice that caused all three to stop and look at the door.

Clair stood with her own redhead down over her bare shoulders and green eyes seemingly confused.  “You two are gay…and married.”

Jake shrugged.  “We’ve played with you.”

“Yeah, but…”

“Nothing wrong with playing with straight folk in my book,” Jack offered.

Clair stood with arms crossed over her black corset that revealed the twinkle of her bellybutton stud.  Her black leather shorts and thigh black boots left only a few inches of thigh visible.

Jack flashed a quick smile.  “So how was work?”

Shaking her head back to reality, Clair answered, “I was screwed.”

A chuckle from Jake before he reminded, “Darling, you’re a hooker, that’s part of the job description.”

Her confusion melted with a smile.  “Wasn’t a very good screw.”

Apple, still with Jack’s cock in her fist added, “So take one of these two.  I’ll share.”

With a point and cocked head, Clair questioned, “You’re…?”


“Of course you are…what kind of name is Apple?”

Interrupting, Jack instructed, “Leave the corset and boots on…but the shorts will have to go.”

Another shake of the head.  “You look familiar.”

Blue eyes rolling, Apple already knew…”Faye Regan, older and with blue eyes.  I get that all the time.”

“No…I was going to say Marie McCray…but…”

All three watched as Clair slid the shimmied her shorts over her boots and revealed a small line of red pubic hair.  She also pulled the corset down just enough to free her breasts.  “So, which of the boys is mine.”

To the surprise of all, Apple flipped onto her back and, at the edge of the bed spread her legs.  “Me, first.”

Clair obliged, kneeling between and her green eyes connected with Apple’s blue just before her tongue pushed inside.

“Redhead on redhead smut.  This is awesome,” Jake chortled.  A glance into his husband’s eyes.  “Get up, old man, we aren’t being left out.”

Jack did, up on his knees, and came over to kiss Jake.

Apple was now being licked and had two cocks near her lips…what was a girl to do?  She soon found that if she opened wide enough, both fit in together…until they were both fully erect, but then she licked both and played sword fights with them.

Then the group would split off and reform, morphing as they saw fit…cocks, tongues and pussies were all involved in every combination possible.

At one point, Apple sat in a chair across the room from the bed watching as Clair rode Jake and had Jack behind in her ass at the same time…”I caused this,” she thought with a smile.  She had no witty words to this, but just the warm feeling of the event she had created for these three to enjoy.  “Now if only this were reality,” she whispered.

After showering, a pizza delivery, a few drinks and a stop to watch the Fisher King again the foursome began to run out of energy.  The final orgasms came together within seconds…Jack in Clair’s mouth, Clair in Apple’s mouth, Apple on Jake’s cock and Jake…appropriately enough…in Apple’s pussy with one final severe tug of the blue-eyed redhead’s hair.

The four collapsed on the bed into a sound sleep…

Clair’s green eyes blinked open.  She was on her side, leg over Jack and feeling Jake’s sleepy erection from his spoon behind her.  Apple was gone.

Propping her head up, she glanced around and saw no sign of Apple’s clothes.  Then again, as she thought, she did not recall seeing Apple’s clothes at all last night.  “Where did she go?”

Jake propped up behind her on his elbow.  “Where did who go?”


Jack snored still.

Kissing Clair’s shoulder, Jake answered, “She wasn’t here for long.  In fact, neither are we.”

“I know, but…”

“Then shut the fuck up and spread your legs.”  He lifted her leg and that sleepy erection was much harder now as it slipped in.


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