Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I have recently received a couple of rather, out-of-the-blue nominations for this award.

First, Lady Rebel and then Ms. Kincaid…I’m shocked, flabbergasted, and tickled at them including me among their choices for this…okay, mostly tickled as it is just the type of guy that I am.

Wait…I’m not ticklish.  Ummm…never mind that bit.  I’m distracted by the snow out the window at the moment, so we will just go with “easily distracted”.

The rules are:
1) Display the award logo on your blog
2) Link back to the person who nominated you.
3) State 7 things about yourself.
4) Nominate 15 other blogs and link them.
5) Notify those bloggers of their nomination and the award’s requirements.

Hmmm…about me…I am going to take this a step further and make it seven things that are not so obvious about me here.  I’m an atheist and free thinker…I’m a father…divorced twice…seen the band Chicago perform live 16 times…anyone reading my material already knows this stuff about me…so something else…

  1. I was first published twenty years ago for a science fiction piece that a Catholic based magazine took as spiritual…it tickled me when I got that cheque but I never received any contributor copies.
  2. My first sexual experience was in the backseat of a Chevy Le Baron on a cold November night when my girlfriend decided to go down on me.  Lost my virginity a few months later with the same girlfriend after a Billy Joel concert at Maple Leaf Gardens.
  3. I first saw the films “Star Trek Generations” and “Stargate” at the Uptown Cinemas on Yonge Street in Toronto while skipping university classes.
  4. The first time I got drunk was sitting in my apartment watching the opening ceremonies of the Albertville Winter Olympics.Don Knotts
  5. I have been involved in seven threesomes…four in the last 18 months…three when I was in university.  For the record, much more fun at 40-something and sober than they were at 20-something and drunk.
  6. Don Knotts is the only celebrity I have actually met.
  7. I am very allergic to tobacco smoke

My Nominees

This is the tough part, as there are so many I would like to mention.  To cut it down to just 15 is awkward.  These are people that help inspire me, teach me, and entertain me…sometimes all three.

In no particular order…other than alphabetical…here we go…

  1. Angel in Paradise – Such anger…such passion…and such words.  Sometimes prose, sometimes poetry, but always magical.  @ScrappysChick
  2. Aphrodite – a sensual and spiritual humorist is how I see this friend that also introduced me to a very serious illness…CRS…can’t remember shit.  @Aphrodite44
  3. Bad Penny – the woman writes more than I do…and that is saying something.  Sometimes it is fictions about submissives and doms…sometimes it is poetry…sometimes it just is.  @Penelope_Prose
  4. Bowsering – …like musing, but different.  The dude is funny in his writing and his podcasts on Talk-fool-ery.  If you need a laugh…and really, who doesn’t?…take a peak.  @Bowsering
  5. Camille Crimson – yes…a real live pornstar…with a sense of the artistic and a way with words.  She even #ff-ed me once, which tickled me to no end.  @CamilleCrimson
  6. DomSigns – this dude just needs to write more… The intelligence of Signs…a free thinker, like myself…just drips from his words.  A man who truly understands the significance of the number 42… @DomSigns
  7. Headway10 – one of my longest online friends, Base Ball.  He writes some poetry and has a real fun way about him.  He created the character of Suki and the concept of the Great Korean Whorehouse that I then wrote some bits about.  @Headway10
  8. Just Call Me Frank – Lady Frankie has many thoughts…and many thinkers.  The site is her…er…their writing therapy for multiple personality disorder…and in my humble opinion, a brilliant writer this therapy has given us.  @JustCallMeFrank
  9. Molly – Much ado about Molly, indeed.  Of erotic adult bloggers, if you have not heard of Molly’s Daily Kiss, you are missing out.  One of the most successful sex bloggers in the UK and the one distracting Dom Signs (see above). @MollysDailyKiss
  10. One Spanko’s Thoughts – Questergirl does not post often, but she always does with intellect and wit.  Perfect in her imperfections and enjoys a laugh about those with a strong focus on spanking.  @Questergirl
  11. Pinch Me Please – Tatianna is a relatively new blogger who needs to right more.  Have watched her fall in love on Twitter with her man and the joy that she shares is just infectious. @Just_Tat
  12. Rebel’s Notes – Marie is the creator and curator of Wicked Wednesday…and like myself, you can sense her passion in the words she puts on her site…mild mannered by day with an imagination that would leave most in her daily life blushing.  @RebelsNotes
  13. Smutty Words – Oh Eva…the woman has a sense of humor and a sense of irony and a way with wordology…wait, that’s not the write word…regardless, that is her real job and then she writes smut on top of it for our pleasure.  Along with Stella Kiink (see below)…Eva, Stella and I collaborated on a couple of pieces starting with Perceptions. @EvaStJames
  14. Stella Kiink – Yes, two ‘i’s…in the back of her head…and one of only two on this list that I have actually had the pleasure of meeting.  She is a growing kinkster who claims I inspired her to write…and so thankful if that is even remotely true as I enjoy her words. @StellaKiink
  15. Swinging Gemma – Gemma is one who does not simply experience the lifestyle, but lives it with her man Jake.  I had not told her this, but she inspired one of my stories of Gray when he visited Australia.  Always a fun read. @swinginggemma

So that is fifteen…and that is edited down from about 25…which could be 50.  Hard to keep this limited, but rules are rules…


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