Cum to Elle

Elle woke to find Greg sitting up and writing…he was always working in the next great novel that he would never finish as he grew bored of the characters he had created.

Outside it was still dark. The red digital numbers in the tiny clock radio suggested it was rapidly approaching 5 AM.

Without words, Elle shifted over and lightly stroked his flaccid cock. She had been learning about the concepts of “cock worship” from Greg’s instruction and the internetand she intended to use this knowledge to help inspire his writing.

Greg was currently working on a piece disputing the “Good of the Gaps” theory…which, thanks to Elle, he quickly put aside.

This is what Greg wrote…

Elle and her beautiful brown curls is staring at my cock…studying every vein so closely that I can feel her warm breath in my core. She has lay on her belly, between my legs…hair held with a band so I can watch her.

She takes my hardness in her left hand and lifts it erect…straight up…so she is now looking up at the tip as though it were a tower for her to climb.

Her right hand has decided to search my balls…not exactly sure what for…lunch money, perhaps…but I am not complaining as she strokes and lightly squeezes them.

I do have to stop writing every so often as the waves if pleasure she cause wash me. Put my phone down so I can enjoy the view of those big brown eyes grinning at me post my cock…the glint in her eye of the mischievous before she devours me.

…and she does devour me…silky lips first kiss my shaft before her tongue finds the skin seam in my balls and begins to follow it up…up…way up the tower that she had wanted to climb. A trail of saliva now drips from it as her lips kiss the tip…just the tip…then her tongue circles the hole on the tip before her lips part and she sucks it deep…to the hilt…until she gives a slight gag, but only then does she stop.

My groans show my approval as I pick my phone back up. Thanks to her inspiration, my intellect is aroused to tell the story you, dear reader, currently find in your hands.

Her tongue is swiping at my cock just as my fingers do this mobile keyboard. Her eyes watch for missed areas to play, just a mine watch for editing.

The feedback I love that comes from my dear readers is like the cum that she will swallow shortly…oh fuck yes, very shortly…

She now has my tip in her mouth as she strokes with both hands on my shaft.

…don’t stop…right there…

…yes! Fuck, yes!…

…good girl. Don’t miss a drop.

…and now share out with me in a kiss.

As my orgasm ends, we cuddle…her hand lightly stroking my cock still. Her head on my right shoulder…making my writing more challenging as I do this left handed.

A challenge I am up for.

However…I must leave my reader with one final image…one last thought…I will be unable to continue for a while as m’lady’s inner cowgirl has cum out. I will play the part of her mighty steed…and, I’m sorry, but I need both hands for that.

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