Auto Erect

Making a big discovery lately about just how much my draft file is my friend.

I have joked often about how auto erect on thus new mobile makes me come off as drunk…back with my old BlackBerry I could thumb you’re at 60wpm while driving, drinking coffee and juggling chainsaws. Now, however, every individual word had become an adventure.

Suffice to say, Samsung Galaxy was a mistake and I should have stayed with BlackBerry.

I have always hated touch keyboards…if for nothing else other than the finger marks. I have worm Bluetooth headsets…not because they look cool, but just to keep the ear lobe from marking up my screen. Now my finger steaks are all over this stupid phone.

This one had seemed like a good idea in the showroom…but now it had me writing and tweeting less as I do not trust it’s choice of vocabulary that overruled my intended statements.

Sure, it was funny when it corrected kinkster to minister. It was hilarious when it corrected girlfriend to disposition. An absolute root when it corrected massive erection to Mayberry thrusting.

But enough.

I am finally learning to edit, but at the cost of my courage to post random bits.

This brief interlude, for example, had taken twenty minutes between my checking every word is exactly as I want…on the old BlackBerry out would have been five.

Long story short, Samsung Galaxy is not the friend of a writer. After three months, safe to say I regret the purchase. Now if it were not for these obtrusive contacts, I would get out of it now.

Onward and upward. Keep the fires burning. Mart ether fierce be south Fogh (translation: may the force be with you…with a more gaelic sound)

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