Second Star to the Right

Second star to the left…and straight on ’til morning…Greg thought as the heavy dance music bass lapped at his ears and the Black Eyed Peas claimed they had a feeling. He sat on a bench made of peach fabric wearing nothing but a towel. Although, even that was strong as the towel was open and nothing was hidden.

People mingled about in the near dark of the area. Limited lighting kept anonymity as an option.

Random thoughts flashed through Greg’s mind about how…great as the dance tunes were for club-play, he would love to hear a Rush our Foo Fighter tube mixed in. Maybe the DJ could throw on a Heart or Pink Floyd cut as a shout out to the over forty set in attendance. However Greg’s distraction quickly went to oblivion as he watched…as she was on her knees in front of another man. Greg watched the other man’s cock pushing into her mouth.

Elle, with a quick smile, glanced over at Greg on the bench before turning back to what was in front of her. Lowering her mouth to it and talking the cock deep into her mouth. Her eyes locked with Greg’s, she milled the other man.

Greg watched, his own hands absently caressing his balls while his mind absently caressed ideas about how he would later write about this. He had often played as a third, able to watch and knowing how much a turn on it was to watch others having sex in front of him…this, however, was the first time he was watching a woman that he was in love with do it…and it was even hotter.

Focused on the cock, but eyes still locked on Greg, Elle drew the erection into her mouth…hands caressing the balls and lightly stroking the shaft that was not in her mouth. Releasing the cock from her clutches, she turned and kissed the curly brunette haired girlfriend of the cock’s owner. Elle, and the girlfriend, then each took a turn sucking on the cock and exchanging deep kisses.

Elle and Greg were at the club again, their third time, and it had become a quick addiction. Earlier, they had shared drinks and compared notes on a few other club attendees that they were already starting to recognize. Soon a tall brunette with curls, that Elle would later share the aforementioned cock with, was flirting with both of them.

When the back opened, Elle and Greg quickly found their way to the locker room and out into the play area. It did not take long before they found a mattress beside the aforementioned flirty brunette and her guy…and, with Greg’s encouragement, the play began.

As the evening went on, Elle was fucked, sucked and licked by men as Greg watched. She even was licked and squirted on another brunette who screamed with delight at the shower. The evening’s climax, however, was Greg watching as Elle…for the first time…tasted pussy.

It was the most erotic thing Greg had seen.

Later, Elle’s description would be, “Yummy.”

Now, as Greg sat at his keyboard…after having watched Elle’s adventures, and listening to what she wanted to do next whispered in his ear as she fell asleep…one thought went through his head with the sound of her gentle snores behind him:

Where the hell do I start?


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