End is Nigh

The more things change…

…and things are going to change.

This blog is about to be mothballed…as soon as I figure this fucker out.  Thus the retro-80s something Toto tune.

Went out and bought the domain for www.cpmcclennan.com and, though nothing is up there yet, it will be soon.  All 740-odd posts…some very odd…will be moved over.

Of course, this is all under the influence of having met her…not a woman…THE WOMAN.  She is slightly more net/media savvy than I.

Well…then again, saying it that way is like saying I know just a little more about the NFL than she does.

Both are severe understatements.

The fact that in about 8 days…13 officially, but we are going to cheat and start this early…I will be moving in with her…well, draw your own conclusions.  Truth is, it does not seem soon enough.

It has occurred to me that the handle “Stranded” may no longer apply.  That handle, however, was more about me missing my Rocky Mountains while living in the big city than about any relationship…so I am still stranded, and always will be…except for a week coming up in July when I take my daughters back to my hometown for the Calgary Stampede.

The new digs are even in the city of Toronto.  I have lived in the GTA (General Toronto Area) since October of 1986 when my fathers, brother and I drove from Calgary.  We arrived the week prior to my 16th birthday.  Then again, I have already been through that, have I not?  Yes, I believe I went through that history here:

The Evolving Atheist:  The Toronto Effect

Perhaps it is time to write chapter eight in that series.

Regardless, for the first time, my address will actually have a Canadian postal code that starts with the letter ‘M’…because in the alphabet of Canada Post, ‘M’ stands for Toronto…yeah, I’ve never understood that, either.  In an odd, yet funny, coincidence, Calgary’s postal codes start with ‘T’.

Sorry…tangent…back to our irregularly scheduled program…I blame her for making an honest Stranded of me.  Not suggesting I was ever dishonest, but if you asked me a year ago I would have shrugged it off as an unlikely scenario…yet here I am in considerations of what to pack.

Now, as a quick back track…the website.  I bought two domains that day.

One to house what this blog/writing has become and to continue with it.  The other is for me to begin to make attempts at freelance, actual paid writing gigs.  The type of work that my typing skills actually make sense at.  The type of work that, one day, might help me give up this lift of employment and actually accomplish something that I can be truly proud of…that someone might read someday and say that…”that guy Stranded…he was okay.”

Considering on the weekend I mentioned of both my in progress novel and the new project I am working on, the new project will evolve slightly from my initial idea into something that will not require a separate site.  I could get a third domain, sure…still might…but more about the cost of hosting that will be the bigger issue.  Then again, I could just run that from a WordPress site even.

It is her fault, however.

My readers have encouraged me, and given me confidence…then she sneaks up and gives me a path to explore with this new found confidence.  How unfair is that?  How horrible this situation has…wait…who am I kidding.  I’m bloody giddy with the idea.

Just think…in the future as I write these words, she will be laying beside me as I tap this out on the keyboard…or perhaps she will be sucking on something, and we have done that with some decent success, so do not put it past us.

I have said many times…perhaps too many…best part of writing erotica is the research.  Having a willing and eager research partner such as she is, believe me, this is what I want.

Anyhow…call this the state of the Stranded Union…between me and @strandedGF.

It will not be long and she will be guest writing on here…wait…on my own site.

My future is finally here.

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