The 800th and 80,000

The 800th post on this site…and at last check, in 30 months, my writing on this site (and the writing of the guests that have honored me by allowing me to share their words here) has been viewed 80,000 times.


That’s really all I have at the moment.

I am mid-move, so a bit limited in creative thought, at the moment, beyond trying to figure out where my collection of Tarot Cards and mini-football helmets will go.

So, the current situation is taking a few days off during this move and inventory at work…hoping my creative juices will build back up…

Who am I kidding…of course they will.  The good thing is that this break is for busy reasons…not that I’ve run out of ideas at the moment.  I have had breaks like that before…but not this time.

When we rejoin our show…already in progress…it will be my latest atheist profile post, as someone with some Star Trek mystique is next…in fact, we have two from Trek-dom in a row on that list, so will be posting them both before the release of the new film.

Thus, tonight, just a few words as I work on closing up what has been HQ for a few years now.  Next time y’all read my words here will be from the new HQ…and not long after, the new site will be up…as soon as I get around to that, but time is oddly limited at the moment.

Thanks for reading…thanks for commenting…really means a lot!

Greg pulled his hands off of the keyboard.

Elle came up for air and smiled.

Typing while Elle was giving one of her fantastic blowjobs was never an easy job.  “You do realize you are distracting me from my readers, right?”

Her shock quickly turned mock as she was unable to keep from giggling.  “I’m sorry.  I could always stop.”

His hand quickly matted into her hair and he pulled her forward until his erection slipped back into her mouth.  “Don’t you fucking dare…”

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