Swinging by Definition



  1. Lively, exciting, and fashionable.
  2. Sexually liberated or promiscuous.

key by Brenda Clarke swingingSwinging has so many definitions…

The one that has recently evolved into this life, is more along the liberated or promiscuous of the two definitions above.

Quick aside, funny how when googling “swingers key party” references to Super Bowl XLVII came up…not sure the connection…but apparently there are no perversions on the 49ers.  I do have thoughts on the recent discussions of gay athletes in the major North American pro sports…but that is a discussion for another time.

Swinging is for swingers…and really, who among us is not curious as to what happens at swinger clubs?  Who is not curious what happens once the curtains are pulled back?

There are, no doubt, the usual judgemental people who will discuss how this goes against the tradition of one man, one woman…and I once again refer you to the “no gay” football reference above on that one.  This also forgets the minor point that monogamy, in the grand scheme of things, is a relatively new concept.  Laura Betzig, for example, suggests that monogamy evolved from Christianity’s rising…

“…modern societies—those that have grown out of the Christian Middle Ages—are remarkably monogamous. They seem, in fact, so consistently monogamous that what was once the rule [now] looks like an exotic exception” – Betzig

Again…perhaps that goes further than what this word represents and is a discussion for another time.

Swinging is the knowledgable consent of a couple sharing or having other sexual partners.  Allowing each other to explore pleasures beyond each other.

What a concept…one might suggest that it is a way for a couple to avoid repressing things that would otherwise lead them to stray emotionally. Perhaps this sounds strong, but things are only taboo if one cannot explore them…swinging takes sexuality further away from the taboo tablet…much as BDSM does…or erotica…

More, perhaps, than anything else…it is the realization and acceptance that one person can not be everything for another.  The acknowledgement that we will be sexually attracted to others…and so long as all involved are knowledgable, honest and consenting…why not explore it?

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