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Greg watched as her tongue circled the tip before her lips posted just enough to take it inside her mouth.

The liquid in the clear glass bottle slowly vanished as Elle drank. A grin around the long neck formed, knowing Greg was watching her and knowing her task for the evening.

Pulling Elle to the dance floor, he put his back to the wall and they danced with him behind her so she could see…so she could choose.

Buck Cherry belted the dance floor speakers with drums, guitar and words…

“Hey, you’re a crazy bitch, but you fuck so good I’m on top of it…”

Due to the volume, words were not exchanged much beyond Greg asking, “Want another drink?”

Once again they were at the club. It was Friday night meaning the place was packed with people. Single guys were allowed in cheap tonight, unlike Saturday nights when it was couples and single women only which kept the numbers much lower.

Greg and Elle had discussed the “creepy single guy” level on a Friday being much higher with the lines of guys wanking beneath their towels once the back rooms opened.

Tonight, however, Elle had a task and she had to choose. Not an easy task while the mass of dancers gyrated to the heavy beat and guitar chords. Her red scoop neck blouse showed bouncing cleavage with that beat as she scanned the floor…and feeling Greg’s erection through the fabric of both their pants.

Pulsing lights made the scene even more difficult. People moving in and out of violent shadows as they pawed, kissed and dry humped each other to the rhythms. The patron clothing was everything from suit and tie to wife beater and jeans for the men..from little black dress to lingerie for the women.

As the song quieted towards the end Greg leaned in close…warm breath in her ear. “The back is open. I want you naked.”

“Yes, sir.” Allowing him to lead her by the hand, they made their way to the back lockers. Clothing was gone quickly and they wandered into the play area in nothing but towels. Elle was a little tipsy, but knew Greg would protect her.

They had the first twenty minutes in the back before the single guys would be allowed back but, as Greg lay Elle on one if the mattresses and began to lick, it seemed a few of the guys had already made it back past the concierge desk. In fact one older fellow was quickly on top of them as he wanked over the view.

Greg looked up from his work. “Dude, really?”

“Um, what?”

“Do you need to be that close?” Greg did not mind the guys watching, but figured he should be able to get up without his head knocking into another guy’s balls.

“Oh, sorry.” He stepped back from the mattress and watched at a more respectful distance.

Elle and Greg played a couple of times and watched a couple of times before finding themselves cuddled on one of the couches watching am mfm threesome. The mass of single wankers blocked out most of the view, but they got to see most of it.

“The balance is off tonight,” Elle said, still watching. “Too many single guys and not enough couples.”

Greg nodded. “They will be moving.”

“What do you mean?”

He pointed towards a young couple.  “Fresh meat.”

The young blonde was tall, big eyes and in nothing more than towel and stiletto heels. He was taller, black and very muscular. By the standards of the regulars, these two had the looks of fashion models. The looks on their faces gave away that they were new and obviously very excited by the sensual over load of their surroundings. They began to make out and as soon as her towel dropped to reveal perky breasts, the throng of single guys moved in for a better view and the hope of an invite to join in.

“Oh wow.”

“Yeah. They would be gorgeous to watch. Wish they had some help from someone more experienced, though. These guys are going to suffocate them.”

Elle giggled. “We could help.”

“We’re not that experienced, darling.”

The young couple, however, played Moses and parted the sea enough for Elle and Greg to sneak off the couch and through to a new mattress. They cuddled more and looked around.

Elle’s eyes widened. “Him. What do you think of him?”

Following her gaze, Greg saw the man sitting alone on one of the couches across from them. “It us up to you, of course. Are you sure?”

The man had a similar build to Greg…slight belly and soft looking. His hair was darker…a bit less grey…and the cock seen absently dangling beneath his towel was bigger…a lot bigger.

“No, but…”

Greg got to his knees quickly. He knew her trepidation was more about nerves than anything…she had chosen. “Hands and knees then.”

Elle did as instructed and soon had eye contact with the man on the couch as Greg’s cock pushed into her from behind.

The man watched at first…then realized he was being invited. Standing, stepping towards them and dropping his towel, he found the tip of his penis quickly vanishing into Elle’s mouth. No doubt he was thankful to be one of the lucky single guys this evening…not realizing that he was helping fulfill one of Elle’s fantasies by giving her first threesome with two guys.

Elle squealed as Greg pounded her pussy and she sucked the other guy deep…which seemed easier than it should have been as he never got fully hard.

A third guy on the mattress beside them, currently being ridden by another brunette, began to feel Elle up as well. He was older, bald and uninvited…but none objected. In fact, his hands even offered Greg’s balls a squeeze that were the final straw that brought Greg to climax.

This was no longer a threesome. Although the third guy was involved with hands only…it was now Elle’s first group.

This was Greg’s first group above the as well. It was also the first time Greg had cum inside Elle’s pussy at the club. Pulling out, he collapsed in the mattress.

Elle and the other man switched her to her back so he could lick her. With the fingers inside her pussy and one in her ass, he bright her quickly to a squirting orgasm.

He then lay on top and began to alternate between kneading her breasts and making out with her.

Erection slowly reforming, Greg enjoyed the view from their tongue exchange to Elle grinding her hips against the other. Being she was a good girl, Greg trusted she would not fuck the other until her chosen one put a condom on.

Elle turned her head so she could take Greg’s penis in her mouth while her second worked her chest. She also continued to grind in the hopes the new guy would want to fuck.

His attention, however, was captivated by watching the blowjob up close. He moved up, closer and closer until he was kissing the side of her full mouth.

Pulling Greg’s cock out, with a smile she offered the other man a taste.

Later, as Greg and Elle would discuss how Greg would write about this episode, Elle realized she should not have been surprised by what happened next. With the guy’s cock never hardening fully, and the fact he never accepted her grinding invitation to fuck her…he was either very bi or gay.

However, as she watched him first take Greg’s cock into his mouth she was shocked…and hugely turned on.

Greg knew what was going on, but could not see past Elle’s head. He could feel the inexperience of the man’s teeth scraping…but also the eagerness when the tongue found and lapped at his balls. Due to the inexperience, Greg had no concern about the man making him cum, however.

Elle was very possessive of Greg’s cum and although Greg knew he would one day spill semen into another mouth, that would be an interesting day to see Elle’s reaction. They did have one rule regardless. No cum in other pussies, nor other cum in Elle’s pussy.

The view Elle had of get man’s erection being orally played with by another man, was amazing. She took turns with him ducking in Greg.

The bald man…hands still all over Elle…caught sight of what was going on. “You lucky, fucker!”

“Yes, I am very lucky,” Greg agreed. “Yes, I fucking am.”

Brown eyes catching Greg’s blues, Elle asked, “Is this really my life?”

“Yes it is.”

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