Bite me…please #snaperotica #ASMSG

Photo by Lucy Orloski
Photo by Lucy Orloski

Sunday morning and Greg lay cuddled behind Elle in the bed.

Sunlight slipped into the room past the blinds, giving a dim illumination to the dark green walls and black furniture.  The computer alarm kicked in with some Nik Kershaw doing an acoustic version of “Wouldn’t It Be Good” that wafted from the speakers.

Only a top sheet was left on the bed as the humidity of the evening before had both too warm for anything more.  The duvet lay strewn on the floor across the foot of the bed and stared up in disgust at being cast aside.

As was typical, Greg’s erection awoke first.  In turn, the hardness poking at her ass woke Elle who turned and grabbed on…thus waking Greg as well.  Early morning kisses followed, soft at first, but quickly growing in intensity.

“On your back,” he whispered.

“Yes, sir.”  Elle did as commanded, not expecting anything beyond an enjoyable morning missionary fuck.

This morning, however, Greg wanted something different.  Pulling the sheet back to reveal both of their naked bodies, he began to nuzzle her breasts.  Sucking nipples and licking all around their ample shapes, each in turn until each was completely tongued.  Rising to his knees, he straddled her chest.

This was unexpected, but Elle enjoyed the unexpected.

Laying his erection between her breasts, he began to fuck her cleavage, slowly at first using his already laid out saliva as lubricant.

Pushing her breasts together around his shaft, Elle moaned lightly, enjoying the sensation.

“Bite me, please,” he said with a grin.

She did…allowing her teeth to play with the tip of his cock with very light bites with each thrust from her cleavage.

Greg could not hold back…perhaps he was too tired and not completely in control yet.  With one last thrust, the tip of his cock was far enough back that he could watch his cum spray into her mouth…some missed, but boys will be boys.

Elle licked her lips.  “Thank you, sir.”

His hand reached back and slipped between her legs.  “You’re very welcome.”

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