Sex and Zelda

Author’s note:  This is the fourth episode of Sensual Nerdism.

Milton started at the computer screen and shook his head quietly. His white button-down collar shirt was completed and knotted beneath a green, red and black tartan tie.


His brown eyes shot away from the screen to look past it at the voice. “Yes, Mr. Lancaster?”

Mr. Lancaster gave a new definition to the term “old school” with his white shirt, black bow tie and red suspenders to hold up his black trousers…and  Mr. Lancaster did call them trousers.  He also had old wire spectacles that many believe he simply wore so he could look over them at people for that condescending appearance…which he was currently doing with his eyes on Milton.  “What is going on with Harry Flanders?”

A hand went straight to the file beside his keyboard and he lifted it with a smile. “Flanders had forgotten his password, was all. Easy fix.”

Lancaster pulled his black trench coat off the tree and quickly shrugged it on. “Good work, Milton.”

For just a moment, framed by the mustard yellow office walls, Milton thought he was looking at Emporer Palpatine. “Thank you, sir.”

“Now Milton, it is five o’clock.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And with your work finished…?” Lancaster raised his eyebrows.

“Legend of Zelda. I found an early copy.”

Lancaster laughed. “Of course you did. Milton, it is Friday afternoon. Why don’t you go out and have some fun?”

Milton nodded. “I won’t stay late tonight, sir.”

“Bullshit,” Lancaster said with a snorted harrumph. “Have a good weekend.” He turned and opened the door that led up to street level.

Milton had always thought it appropriate that he worked in an office below street level and lived in a basement apartment.  The single bulb over his desk made it all the more eerie. His eyes returned to the screen.  “Die, you motherfu…”

“And it is a long weekend! Don’t let me catch you in here in Monday!” The door snapped shut behind Mr. Lancaster.

“Yes, sir.” Milton mocked a salute and glared at the door. A groan escaped his lips.

“I thought he would never leave.” The voice was female and came from under Milton’s desk.

“I was starting to worry he was going to ask to see the game,” Milton responded.

“Yeah, and here I was sucking your cock and I hear you call another woman’s name.”

“I did not, Ness!” He pushed his chair back and looked under the desk. His erection was still rock solid.

Even with the sudden push back, Ness kept her grip on his cock. “Zelda?”

He giggled. “Okay, her.”

Leaning forward she kissed the tip of his cock with a smile. “That’s okay. Retro games make me hot.”

“Guess it is a good thing I didn’t say Clarence Casper then.”

She slapped his cock playfully. “Are you kidding? I fucking want to sleep with him and his Infinite Monkey.”

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