Master Jibberish

Author’s note:  Master Jibberish was an online pseudonym I used from 2007-2010 or so.  Sometimes pseudonyms are a funny thing in that one starts to believe what they make up about themselves.

By Miralys73“I was joking, really I was.”

“I wasn’t,” she said and kissed the tip with her red hair falling forward to block his view.

He sighed.  “I think it was Tom Petty who once sang that it is good to be king.”

She cupped his balls and, with his erection deeply buried in her mouth, nodded lightly.  Pulling back and dragging her tongue across the length of it until it fell and bounced.  “Yes, master.”  She sucked him back in.

“That’s Master Jibberish to you.”  He glared over his glasses and beer belly at her.

With his cock at the back of her throat, she giggled and almost gagged.

He allowed his head to lull back as he enjoyed the blowjob.

She was Andy, a girl he had met on Twitter.  She often retweeted his jokes and the stories he wrote until one day she DM-ed him with an offer of a visit.

However, he had not expected her to be kneeling for him…at least not within the first ten minutes of her arrival.  He assumed that, like all budding writers, he had some fanatical readers…this had been completely beyond his expectations.

Her work continued with eyes and lips at hooker skill levels.  Her hair was long enough to be sat on, but impeccable in how she kept it…currently long, free and very straight.  Her body was tall, when standing, with good strong athletic legs that she had claimed came with her competitive skiing.

Jibb grabbed a handful of red hair and allowed himself to indulge in what quickly turned into a skull-fuck with him shoving the full length of his erection into her mouth.

There were no complaints, nor rejections of the skull-fuck…she just kept going.

The phone decided to announce its presence with the first of three rings…

“Oh, come on!”  He picked it up from its perch.  “This is Carl…yeah…yeah?…no, not interested…I live on the ninth floor of a fucking condo, are you sure you want to replace these windows?”  His eyes glanced out the window of his ninth storey window…he had not lied.

Silence returned.

He placed the phone back in its desk top cradle and looked at the screen in front of him.  His description of Andy was perfect from her athlete’s thighs to the mole behind her left shoulder to the tattoo that read “slut” just over her belly button.  He sat back and closed his eyes, recalling the fantasy of him standing and her kneeling…but she vanished leaving nothing except the smoke of the fantasy.

Erection stood sheathed in navy blue briefs still hoping the fantasy was true.

Blue eyes looked down at it and his throat grunted.  “She’s gone, dude,” Jibb told Erection.  “What the fuck do you want?”

Erection had no answer.

“I know dude, I know.”  Closing his eyes again, he reached between his legs to help console Erection.

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