Cat’s Away

Photo by Gabriel S. Delgado C.

How the hell did I get here? Jamie thought as she felt Kirsten’s nails scratching down her back. Looking down, she was on her knees and lowered herself until she was sitting on Blonde-Vince’s face. In front Kirsten embraced her, crushing their breasts together. She closed her eyes and felt the play of Blonde-Vince’s tongue wash through her with the warmth of Kirsten’s body.

Both women were completely naked except for each wearing black boots…Jamie’s to her knees with full laces and four-inch heels; Kirsten’s folded above her knees like a mock pirate boot.

Eyes reopening the scene of dark old brown-stained wood everywhere refreshed. The wooden floor was covered with a peach and white beach blanket that Blonde-Vince had in his car. The pub tables and chairs were all pushed aside for more space to writhe. In front of her, her own near-twin and best friend Kirsten broke the embrace and leaned back with Blonde-Vince’s erection in hand to guide it.

In the background the pub speakers offered Godsmack coming together on a Beatles cover.

The evening had begun earlier with a phone call…

“Hi,” Jamie said into the cell phone. Her voice echoed off the tiles and porcelain in the tiny condo bathroom, a place she usually felt awkward using the phone.

“Hi back,” responded Kirsten’s voice.

“I look like an escort.” Jamie looked at her bathroom mirror with a grin. The beauty looking back at her was wearing a black leather jacket over a tight red sweater, and tight blue jeans with knee-high four-inch heeled laced boots. She would need the height of the heels later, if she had her way. Her war-paint was stronger than usual from blush to the red-painted lips that she licked in anticipation of what she wanted to suck.


O’Connor’s, was Jamie’s usual hang out when Brad went away on business. Normally she would have a bite and two glasses of red before heading home to type out a few chapters. Tonight, however, would be different. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Hockey players?”

Jamie giggled. She had told Kirsten the story down to the very last detail. “No, Brad said they won’t be in town until January for a game.”

Three weeks ago she had met two hockey players at a conference. That chance meeting had led to one of the hottest sexual experiences of her life. Being an author of erotic fiction, she thought she had known what heat was…until that night when she had two men for the first time.

She had come home to Vanilla-Brad and her vanilla life where she simply had to make this stuff up.

She needed more. She wanted to experience more. She needed research!

In her attempt to spice things up, she had even offered to bring over her friend Kirsten for a threesome. Kirsten, a bi-sexual single mother, was certainly game for the idea when Jamie had asked her before making Brad the offer.

He thought she was just kidding and rewarded her with a laugh followed by the standard three minute missionary quickie before falling asleep while she contemplated his demise in her next book.

She had killed Brad often in her writing…he just had not realized that the guy she would pen being trapped in an exploding elevator, killed in a storm of bullets, shredded by a farmer’s combine or runover by stampeding clowns was usually loosely based on him. Brad was a nice guy, but he had no interest in bed play with her. For this reason, his death was always humorous.

“So the usual then?”

“Hell no, I look like a hooker. I’m getting laid tonight,” Jamie giggled with a flutter of excited nerves in her belly.

“Need a wing-girl? As luck has it, the kids are at mom’s.”

So here she was in another first…a threesome with another woman. Jamie had occasionally played lightly with Kirsten before on their girls’ nights out, but had never gone past making out and light petting. The fact that she was currently sitting on the face of a guy and watching said guy’s penis penetrating Kirsten’s pussy…this was slightly above her expectations coming into the evening.  For starters, she had never seen actual penetration before.

Coming in she expected to go home with one of the bar flies and wake up at two to get dressed in the dark and go home before dawn. To be still at the bar and riding the mouth of the bar owner, however, had not entered into it.

Kirsten closed her eyes, lost in the sensation and began to grind her hips on him. She fell forward and leaned into Jamie to keep her balance.

When Kirsten had arrived at the bar she was in a black skirt to just below her knees with boots that came up her thighs, under her dress. Her jean jacket and flipped collar gave get an eighties feel with the plain black t-shirt beneath.

“I still can’t believe you fucked two hockey players,” Kirsten giggled and sipped her pint.

“A writer must write of what she knows…I needed research.”

The two women were often asked if they were twins…or at least sisters. Same height, same build and even their respective similarly toned brunette curls were close to the same length.  The only difference were Jamie’s blue eyes to Kirsten’s brown.

Kirsten, rather tipsy, leaned into Jamie’s shoulder with a laugh. “I just need to get laid.”

“Me, too.”

“Brad? What about Brad?”

“He has a mistress on these trips.”

Kirsten sobered quickly. “Jamie, I’m sorry. Are you sure?”

She nodded and sipped again. “He talks in his sleep and I’ve seem the Visa bills. Nothing to be sorry for, I’ve known for years. Besides, what other man would let me write like he does?” Jamie, still on her first wine…unlike Kirsten who was on drink number four…turned to grin at her friend. “What do you think of the young blonde guy over there?” She nodded slightly, at the man behind the bar.

Kirsten failed epically at discreetly checking out the guy. Instead she grinned and giggled wildly at the young blonde man with the full beard. “He looks like a young Brad Pitt…I’d fuck him,” she said just a little too loud.

Blonde man laughed and his big blue eyes widened. “I’m Vince,” he offered. “I own the place.”

Coming back to reality, she climbed off of his face. Wonderful as it felt, Jamie had other ideas she wanted to experience. She gently helped Kirsten down on top and briefly watched as Kirsten and Blonde-Vince exchanged tongues. She then crawled around on all fours behind the couple. Leaning in close, she first watched the pinion like motion of cock thrusting into pussy.

Kirsten moaned as Blonde-Vince grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart to show off Kirsten’s anus.

Jamie could not resist. Her left hand reached up and lightly began to finger Kirsten’s ass. Before too long, she was knuckle deep.

Kirsten looked back over her shoulder with a smile and flip of brunette curls. “Deeper,” she whispered.

Jamie obliged and pushed past her knuckle. Leaning further forward, she studied Blonde-Vince’s testicles.

Like the rest of his well-muscled body, even the balls were impressive.

Her tongue escaped and flicked at them.

He groaned.

Jamie then pushed closer feeling Kirsten’s ass against her forehead as she sucked a ball into her mouth.

“Fuck yes!” His voice was deep and breathy.

Releasing the ball, Jamie’s tongue began to move up the shaft where she got her first taste of Kirsten’s juices on Blonde-Vince. “Fuck, that’s delicious,” she nearly gushed in a muffled voice.

“I know,” Kirsten, looking back again, responded.

Jamie’s tongue moved up further to find just the edge of Kirsten’s pussy that was tightly wrapped around the erection. The taste was overwhelming and so arousing. Tongue then licked from pussy to balls and back.

This was another first, tasting another woman.

“Go wash that finger that’s I’m my ass,” Kirsten instructed. “You need this cock, babe.”

She did not need to be told twice. Getting up, Jamie kept her eyes on Kirsten grinding him. She stepped behind the service area with boot heels clicking on wood to the bar sink and washed her hands.

Across the bar, Kirsten dismounted and slowly climbed to her feet before pulling Blonde-Vince up to his. “My friend here wore boots for a reason,” she told him.

Quickly Jamie clicked back around the bar.

Kirsten grabbed Jamie’s hips and kissed her. “Turn around.”

Jamie did.

“Bend over and lean on the bar.”

Jamie allowed Kirsten, with one hand on Jamie’s hip and the other at the small of her back, to guide her to bend over. Glancing back, she caught a brief sight of Blonde-Vince stroking lightly to keep his erection.

Kirsten’s voice suggested other ideas, “She’ll be all yours in a second.” She then crouched behind Jamie.

This was unexpected. Somehow a female tongue felt different…more experienced and more eager…then any of the men she had experienced. Feeling it lap at her clit nearly brought a gushing orgasm from Jamie already.

“She is ready.” Kirsten stood, one hand trailing up Jamie’s inner thighs and briefly, harshly, grabbing her pussy with finger thrusting just inside to grip and pull her.

Jamie turned to watch as best she could.

Kirsten’s free hand grabbed the erection from the clutches of Blonde-Vince and pulled him forward. “Now fuck her until she screams.” She pushed the erection into Jamie.

He began to thrust.

Kirsten then climbed up on top of the bar, lifting one leg in a stripper-dance move, she positioned her pussy in front of Jamie’s face. “Now make me cum.”

As instructed, Jamie did just that. First her tongue found that taste again, then it actually dipped in and was shocked at the warmth it found inside Kirsten. Next her fingers violated Kirsten’s pussy, thrusting deep with a similar beat to the one Blonde-Vince was fucking Jamie with. As her fingers probed deep, she came up to Kirsten’s face for a deep kiss, before lowering again so her tongue could lay waste to Kirsten’s clit.

Kirsten grabbed a handful of Jamie’s hair and pulled her closer.

From behind, Blonde-Vince gripped Jamie’s hips and went from simple thrusts to violent hammering inside of her with gasps and yells of his own with each beat.

Kirsten tensed as her lips began to give off her orgasmic wail. Her pussy thrust forward on top of the bar, trying to experience more off Jamie’s mouth. Her volume increased as her tension turned into a shudder with the eruption of the orgasm she was enjoying.

Jamie first heard Blonde-Vince cry out at the same time, then felt the warmth of his semen spraying inside her. This was the straw that finally bright her own orgasm that soon had her slamming back on him even harder.

Ten hours later…

The clock radio suggested it was lunch time.

Kirsten rebelled, however, and took a bite of her breakfast toast. “When does Brad get home?”

With a sigh, Jamie answered, “Thursday.”

Turning her gaze to Blonde-Vince as his hips once again thrust into Jamie, this time from missionary on the bed all three were on at his apartment. “You got some work to do, buddy.”

He smiled and got four words out, mid-grunt, “I have some friends.”

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