42 + 1

My 14 year old is standing behind a microphone and professionally recording some Broadway tunes as her Christmas present for her grandmother.

Thus begins year 43 of this existence…as of today.

Yes, she is really 14. Her sister is nearly 13.

This is not easy to fathom as I still recall being that eight-year old with the rusted bike meeting his buddies behind the old Gulf service station to look at that first Playboy and feeling horribly guilty just flipping pages. Some days I still feel like that boy…others I wonder where he went.

Either way, I have teenage daughters. I feel like my newest character in Adventures of Jamie as I keep thinking her opening line, How the hell did I get here?

From the eight-year old altar boy to the tattooed atheist I am now…and I am doing the consult in tattoo #5 tomorrow…there are many differences from where I thought I was going to be.

I figured NFL pro quarterback…not published erotic writer. So many dreams of throwing that tight spiral and having the trophy case to show for it.

I can still throw a pretty tight spiral…but my ankles are causing issues with my ability to elude defensive linemen…luckily none ate chasing me these days.

Oh the plans of mice…and men definitely have nothing to do with it.

The concept of where my life is now in the swinging lifestyle is unlikely something I ever saw as possible until just before it happened…that eighty-year old boy had enough issues with the image of sex and the guilt just thinking on it, never mind watching the partner he loves as she plays with other men and women.

Yeah, I didn’t see this coming.

Maybe this is why I write that little twist atty the end of everything…my life has felt like an endless series of twists. Not all bad…in fact most good.

In a week and a bit I will be in Atlanta for my first writing conference…my partner, aka my marketing arm will be along as well. A lot of things have changed this past year…many with help from her…but those twists keep coming.

And with that, 14 is done..she was finishing with a sing called “Broadway Here I Come”.

Funny…I keep thinking the same thing of Atlanta.

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