A Little Sexual Inspiration

Photo by UsienHilda looked sweaty. Truly, no surprise, as she had just come off stage and the lights up there were hot. A quick run to the change room for a refresh, and she was back out to the floor of the club.

Dwayne was in his usual spot, against the bar with his Bud bottle half gone. His smile as she approached was from his mind already anticipating the feel of those powerful legs straddling him and how his fingers were going to tug lightly at those blonde curls. He often wondered if she had any idea what he did.

Her hug was tight, pressing the breasts her lace red bra were barely covering up against him. “How are you, luv?”

“Great now that you’re here.” It occurred to him that she might not even know his name. “Drink?”

Most of the girls in this place would order the most expensive drink in the place, but Hilda ordered her usual Budweiser.

Dwayne loved her, but it was not that simple. As far as he could tell, she had not seen him following her outside of the club. He knew most would see it as stalker territory, but for him it was research. How could the business survive if he did not know more about her?

Lights flashed and swung to the rhythm as they tried to compensate for the motionless pervs sitting at the small tables around the stage slowly getting stoned.

“Thank you, baby!” she yelled over some dance tune that the current dancer was gyrating to. “Can we get to a booth?” Her eyelashes batted up at him. She always used the word booth as code for a private dance.

How could he say no to a pixie such as her? He nodded, not wanting to ruin his voice here. Slouching to avoid too much attention from his height he followed her from the bar, up the curving staircase where he could look up her tight red miniskirt to see no underwear was present.

The club lights grew darker as they ascended to the second level. There were seats against a counter that looked out over the stage and a hallway that led to the booths. In the booth area it was again darker and even quieter.

She grinned at him as she ushered him into the comfy chair of the booth she had chosen. “I’m glad you came, baby.” Her voice was much lower with the music more as light background noise here.

This area gave off a very different vibe for the club. It felt like a place where men would met for liqueurs and cigars with the added taboo of private dances from naked women.

“Love the boots, are they new?” He sat back and allowed his hands to wander over them as she straddled him.

A big nod from her. “I had to have them. They beckoned,” she said with a laugh. Her eyes locked with his and refused to let go. “You ready?” she asked, sensing the next song was about to start.

“Always.” The next song was one he actually recognized by Billy Joel…something of a shock to hear a thirty plus year old song in this place. He always figured letting the dancers choose their own songs was a bad idea…but he was a simple computer programmer, what did he know?

Hilda reached behind and released the clasp of her bra. As was her tradition, she pushed each large breast into his face as he suckled each of her nipples in turn.

My Hilda’s breasts aren’t this big, he thought and made a mental note to fix the code when back at the office. As was his tradition, his fingertips trailed down her spine.

Her hands then tugged his shirt from its usual tucked in position so she could slide her hand in and tweak each of his nipples and then rub her bare beasts against his belly as she slid off him.

With her turning in front of him, he allowed his hands to slide up her thighs until his right thumb was inside her already very wet pussy and his left hand holding her hip to help her balance.

For the remainder of the song, she humped his thumb and enjoyed the rest of the fingers on his right hand playing with her clit. She bent forward and looked back, almost beckoning him to lean that bearded head forward and partake.

However, he did not. In all the private dances she had given him, he had yet to push his tongue between those pussy lips. Of course he wanted to, but wanted to save it for the first tinge he had her in his bed. His hand slipped back down her thighs as the song ended.

She turned back around and knelt, her hands began to tug at his belt before working on his pant buttons and zipper. “I will release the beast.” She winked at him as her hand slipped into his briefs and found what she wanted. “There it is.”

He was fascinated that she never asked. Even the first time she had danced for him, she simply assumed that he wanted to play…of course he knew she was never wrong. Why else would he be here?

Again, she locked eyes with his as she held the newly formed erection between her breasts. Her hand went to her lips and pulled out the mint she was always sucking on.

He knew her eyes were hazel, but in this light there was no color other than the pink flash of her cool tongue as it flicked at the too of his erection. The shadows on her face, however, did not stop the eye contact.

Her lips then closed around the tip, allowing that tongue to play inside with the fleshy head of his penis. “Mmmm.” Her mouth, thanks to the constant mint, was always erotically cool on his cock at first.

His head rested back against the cushion of the chair as he watched the woman he loved giving a perfect blowjob. It was difficult to pick out details in this light, but he needed more. He did notice a that thus light his her freckled shoulders…something else he made a mental note of for coding later.

She grasped the dick in her hand, licked, swirled and swallowed it. As that song ended, she turned and quickly found a condom package in her purse that she ripped open. She also replaced the mint as she often complained that the rubber did not taste good. Taking the reservoir tip into her mouth, she used her teeth to slide it over Dwayne’s erection. Her head then picked up the rhythm severely until she felt him tense and the condom expanding as it captured his cum.

Dwayne sighed.

“Sorry I had to rush, baby. I have to get back on stage next.” She handed him two wet wipes and leaned forward for one deep kiss.

It was a Monday afternoon, and the place usually only had three girls until the busier afternoon rush.

Doing his pants back up, Dwayne handed her five twenties. “When can I take you out?”

She grinned. “Soon, honey. I do want to taste that cum one day.” The pink tongue flicked across her lips. “Why don’t you head off and I will tidy up?”

He did, leaving his beer in the booth he descended and went straight out the door into the afternoon sun. Slowly, still slouching, he walked back to the Toyota Tercel that was two-tune blue with grey accents…the grey being duct tape.

In the car his cell phone was vibrating from a call.

“Yello?” ┬áHis eyes rolled at his horrible choice of greeting.


His hand gripped the phone a little tighter recognizing the voice. “Yes, Matt?” He closed the door and flicked on the cell’s speaker and holding it in front if him as though it were a Star Trek communicator.

“Dude! That new grassy beach program with the blonde is perfect. It got us the fucking deal!”

“Excellent!” He slapped the car dashboard. “I’ll be at the office in twenty.” Hanging up his mind began to wonder if he could get receipts from Hilda for his taxes. Considering what he had spent here with her, though, it was peanuts with what this deal should bring. He pulled the car out of the spot with a huge grin plastered across his face.

The car took the driveway entrance to the street like a trooper…leaving its muffler behind with a loud scrape.

Dwayne howled with laughter as he gunned the engine.