Has Anyone Warned Atlanta That We’re Coming?

Forgive, but with this I am writing for two…and all “pregnancy” cracks shall be ignored…


So yes, we will be at Eroticon in lovely downtown Atlanta, Georgia one week from today.  Also, one week from today a bit of an announcement will show up on these pages…a rather poorly kept secret, but more about official details.

Sorry, digressing…if nothing else, I am an expert at digressing…and procrastination…

Oh look, coffee…where is the cream?  WHERE IS THE BLOODY CREAM?????

ummmm…where was I?  Oh yeah!

Click here to virtually meet some of the other attendees

Tickets and hotel is booked…I have extra bottled water for rehydrating after any particularly erotic session…all bus routes through the city of Atlanta have been cross-checked…it seems we are ready.

We have passports at the ready and the roof-top heliport on our condo is just abuzz with anticipation of our departure…okay, not really, but I hear the customs officials at the Niagara Falls border crossing have a standing order not to laugh at any of my jokes as we cross the border heading to the Buffalo/Niagara airport.  With a $300 difference in flying from Buffalo as opposed to Toronto, who could blame us for going there?

Wait…I’m digressing again…

So for our introductions:

Twitter id:

Where in the world are you?

  • Stranded: transplanted Calgarian, living in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 25 years
  • StrandedGF: born, raised and still in Toronto.

What brings you to Eroticon USA?

  • Stranded:  Getting towards a time when this little nasty writing habit is going to turn into a paying career (crosses fingers), and wanting to hear the thoughts of and discuss ideas with like-minded writers.  Also world domination as if you don’t have that, what else do you have?
  • StrandedGF:  Firstly, its Stranded.  Secondly, I am helping him grow his writing.  I’m a Social and Digital strategist, but mainly for TV shows.  This world is.. um… new to me.  So I need to understand the culture, in order to figure out how to build Stranded’s platform.

What are you looking forward to most about Eroticon USA?

  • Stranded:  Looking forward to the 11:15 coffee session as that seems much too late for caffeine and my head will be screaming…more seriously, looking forward to meeting some of the writers I have tweeted and kibitzed with over the past three years.  In addition, looking particularly forward to meeting and hanging out with @mollysdailykiss and @domsigns so we can discuss the aforementioned world domination plans.
  • StrandedGF:  Spending time with Stranded.  Meeting the amazing twitter folk that I’ve come to know.  Learning something.  Eating pie.  Earning the best live twitter prize.  There is a prize, isn’t there?

If you had to make up a pen name again what would it be?

  • Stranded:  In essence, I already have…but how about Douglas Adams? (StrandedGF:  Darling, that’s taken).  Oh…George Carlin then. (SGF:  Strike two).  Neil Gaiman? (SGF:  Nope) Um…then Stephen King it is!…no one will pick that one. (SGF:  I need a drink).
  • StrandedGF:  Katie Borges.  (Middle name + mother’s maiden name)

So…one week, we will hopefully see a few of you there…and trust me, you all should follow @strandedgf as, with her marketing and media background, the live-tweeting should be fantastic.


  1. Please can I book @strandedgf for live tweeting my sessions…. and can I pay her in kisses?

    You two are funny, this made me laugh and Mr stranded… I can not wait to finally meet you in person. This has been a long time coming and I am so happy that is now finally going to happen with the lovely added bonus of meeting @strandedgf too


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