Best Comeback, Ever! (Jamie’s Finale)

Author’s note:  This is part six, and the finale of Adventures of Jamie…however, this also involves a new beginning as my longtime readers might recognize two old friends…

Photo by Massimiliano CalamelliHow the hell did I get here? Jamie thought as she arched her back and felt the thrust of Vince’s huge erection inside her.  Thanks to ample amounts of champagne as well as being fucked with a bowling pin not all that long ago, her pussy was rather numb.  Also, again likely due to champagne, she was not entirely sure how many guys she had fucked this evening. As a pure guess, she might have said ten…and in reality she was drunk enough to have only been a third right.

Had she remembered all thirty guys, it would have made the short story she sent into her publisher the next day, more novel potential.

Currently she had Vince, husband of her friend Kirsten, on her missionary thrusting into her.  She also had a young blonde man nibbling at her right breast and another redhead at her left…in each case, she had a fistful of each of their respective cocks.  Dangling above her mouth was a fourth erection, but she could not see the owner.

She had fucked Javon already, although he had promised a second round later. However, at the moment, not that she could see it, he was off to her right and being ridden by Kirsten.

There was a flash in the corner of the warehouse, and all the voyeurs scattered.  Three of Jamie’s four current lovers bolted…leaving Missionary-Vince man on top of her.

Stepping out of the darkest corner and flaring his long leather coat like Don Juan readying for battle with the steel, he smiled. “I loved how Coulson did that. Dark corner…couldn’t resist…”

All stared at him in silence.

“Oh come on!” He screamed.  “That was funny!”

Stepping out behind him with her long straight red hair, a dark red corset and a black knee-length skirt that hugged her hips showing off curves that never existed the last time she was written into a story, Apple smiled as well and punched him in the shoulder.  “No, Gray, it really wasn’t.”

He looked directly at me.  “What the fuck are you doing to this girl, man?”

I stopped typing.  “Who, me?”

He looked at me.  Gray stood to his full height and puffed out his chest.  “Yes, you.”

“Couldn’t be.”

“Then who?”

Apple smacked his shoulder again.  “Get on with it you asshole.”

“Sorry.” Gray gave her a meek grin.  “You are abusing this woman you have created.”

Vince disappeared in a puff of smoke.  She sat up, completely confused and suddenly sober.  “How the hell did I get here?”

“Shut up,” Apple said.

Gray looked me straight in the eye.  “Is there a point to this story?”


“Most of your stories have some overall arc to them.  This one get progressively wilder, darker, and she gets sluttier with each key stroke.  Now, as a ladies man, I can appreciate the concept of sluttier…but what’s the point?”


“Oh, okay…”

Apple smacked him again.  “Don’t wimp out.  That’s not a good reason.”

“That’s not a good reason,” Gray repeated and shook his fist at me.

“Oh,” I said.  “Should I end the story here.”

Gray held up a finger.  “Can I make a request first before you mothball me again?”

“Um…okay, what is it this time?”

He grinned and gestured at Apple with one thumb.  “I haven’t been laid in two years.”

“I’m not fucking you,” Apple said with a smirk over his shoulder.

I grinned at Apple.  “Don’t be so sure.”  My eyes returned to Gray.  “So should I end this or not?”

Jamie screamed, “Fuck no, I’m enjoying this!”

Gray looked first at Jamie and, by how his tongue licked his lips, he was hoping…but then his eyes went back to Apple.

Apple nodded.

Gray folded his arms that somehow were now in elbow-length leather gloves across his chest.  “End it now.”

“Can I do one thing first?”

He looked back at Apple and both shrugged.  “I guess…you’re the writer, you can do whatever you want.”

Jamie screamed and arched her back as she felt the best orgasm of her fictional life rip through her body.  She shuddered and twitched and finally lay motionless, whimpering with a soft grin.

Gray could not keep the grin from his face.  “Not bad.  Now end this!”

I shrugged.  “Okay.”



  1. It felt like a moment where the author was transported into the story and in the middle of a conversation with the characters. I dont know, maybe its the writer in me and how I fight with mine sometimes….lol

    Either way I like it. .

  2. LOL. I wrote a little story a couple of years ago with an author interacting with the characters from Nick Scipio’s tome – Summer Camp – it’s always fun to have them interacting with the author 😉

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