A Hard Drive

Photo by Rodrigo Della Fávera“I like breakfast,” she said with a grin.

Dwayne’s eyes returned from the view to her. “Really?”

“Yeah, I like eggs and bacon.” Her brunette straight-stringy brunette hair brushed her bare shoulders as she spoke. Her blood-shot eyes, which in this light color was not an option, looked off into space. “I should have had breakfast.”

Okay, then, Dwayne thought and looked back up at the older brunette dancing on the stage.

On stage was another brunette, dancing between the two brass poles that lifted straight up in the air as long thin phallic symbols. Her naked body swayed, shimmied and strutted to the sound of Freddie Mercury singing about one year of love.

The music was a bit of a shock for Dwayne being the girls here usually chose their own tunes…mostly modern hip-hop tunes that the older pervs in the crowd would normally not bother listening to. Queen, however, was a pleasant surprise for Dwayne. Although, Candy on stage was not who he was waiting for.

Nor was Pamela who, after bestowing her affection for bacon, was now squeezing her large breasts carried inside the tiny patches of peach bikini top. “It’s a long shift.”

“What is?” Dwayne was annoyed with himself for asking the question. Glancing around, however, he finally caught sight of his Hilda.

“When we start at noon and are scheduled til eight. Hard on my back with the heels,” she said and looked down at her own feet. She gave her breasts another squeeze. “And these.”

“I bet.” With his eyes on Hilda, he was no longer truly listening.

Hilda was in a white negligee and took a stool at the bar. She looked over at Dwayne and covered her mouth to hide what looked like a giggle.

Dwayne assumed his face told her that Pamela here had not really invited to sit.

“…and it is supposed to rain all night, so that won’t be fun,” Pamela continued as though Dwayne cared.

A tall young man approached Hilda at the bar. His navy sweat jacket gave a suggestion of a man in great shape beneath.

Hilda looked up at him and smiled.

A conversation ensued, and Dwayne felt his breath catch as Hilda took the man’s hand and led him upstairs for a private dance. He was shocked that she could go with another guy when she knew Dwayne was there.

The song switched to something more typical of the young redhead now taking the stage.

“Are you gonna wanna dance?”

His attention snapped back to Pamela.
“Um, yeah, okay.”

They stood and she led him up the stairs. “You been here before, baby?”

“Yeah, I’m here a couple of days a week, actually.”

“Really?” She stopped mid-step and looked back briefly before continuing on. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

At the top of the stairs were five alcoves on one side and five easy chairs opposite against the railing looking towards a smaller chair in each spot.

Dwayne saw Hilda’s normal alcove had her chair tucked inside, meaning it was in use. “Can we sit here?” he asked referring to the seat directly opposite Hilda’s work space.

Surprised at this choice as normally the john involved would ask for a more camouflaged alcove against the wall, Pamela stalled for a moment. “Okay, if you like.” She pulled the smaller chair back so Dwayne could slip past to the easy chair.

As he did, Dwayne’s eyes drifted across to Hilda’s alcove and got a good sight of Hilda staring down the erection of the sweat-jacket guy just before she took it in her mouth. Jealousy leapt through Dwayne, but he sat as he was supposed to.

Pamela ignored her chair and sat on his lap with her hand stroking his chest and legs crossed over top of his. Her eyes followed his gaze and a giggle escaped after catching sight of what he saw. “Is that what you want, baby?”

“I…ah…I’ve only got a limited budget.”

Slipping off his lap to her knees, she grinned. “I’m easy going.” Her hands began to work at unbuckling his belt. “Let’s see what we can do here. Oh, you are nice and hard already.” She tugged at his pants to open them and pulled down his briefs.

Dwayne could no longer see what was going on in the alcove, though he kept trying. However, the feeling of warm lips slipping over his erection got his attention.

One hand held the base of his erection, lightly stroking, while the other slipped down to under his balls.

More shock for Dwayne as this woman knew her way around an erection better than his beloved Hilda.

Light moans came as she sucked him deeper. She worked him with much saliva and squeezed his balls with perfection.

His gaze now would look with Pamela’s eyes, occasionally looking past.

Three songs into this amazing blowjob, he caught sight of Hilda stepping from the alcove and giving her john a hug before sending him on his way back down.

Hilda looked over and smiled before taking a few steps closer.

With a gasp, Pamela pulled him out of her mouth and stopped stroking. “I need to fuck this.”

“I don’t have enough…”

Hilda interrupted and stepped closer. “You go, girl. Let me help.”

Pamela got off her knees and straddled him.

Behind her, Hilda dropped to her knees and took the erection in her mouth briefly. She then gripped it in her fist while her other hand split the lips of Pamela’s lowering pussy. Confirming a tight fit, Hilda stood back up and leaned against Pamela’s with one hand snaking around to squeeze Pamela’s breast and the other playfully wrapping around her neck.

Riding, Pamela twisted her neck for a kiss from Hilda.

He could not help but watch the women making out while his cock penetrated over and over again.

Pamela began to moan louder, but Hilda kissed her harder to muffle it. Her pussy tensed around the erection and her orgasm rolled through her, halting her rhythm of the ride, and gasping for breath after.

“My turn,” Hilda said, pulling Pamela back to her feet and switching spots. The panties were quickly removed before she straddled the erection and lowered upon it.

Dwayne was fascinated by the difference in the feeling and how much tighter Hilda was.

Hilda quickly turned the pace into a buck. She twisted to alternate between suckling Pamela’s breasts and making out with her. She, too, tensed as her orgasm began to arrive.

Feeling his own orgasm beginning as well, he enjoyed the feeling of her pussy milking the semen from him.

“Nice,” Hilda gasped.

As Dwayne’s mind returned to normal he made a mental note…the blowjob skills in the program had to be adjusted to Pamela’s skills. This would make the program so much better. Reaching for his wallet he reiterated, “I mentioned I only had…”

Hilda leaned in and kissed him. “I think we can work something out.”

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