We Said Hello Goodbye

This week will be tough…already has been, but likely not for reasons most would think of.

Last year around this time I wrote one piece that brought all my main 2012 characters together to say goodbye. Oddly enough I am inadvertently doing something similar this year, just not in a single piece this time.

This problem began two nights ago with the completion of the first of the Savannah Quadrilogy. Still some editing and little nibbly bits to do, but the story is finished. Being it is only the first part of four, I am not finished with some of these characters. Yet there is still a feeling of letting go involved.

However, two characters I really enjoyed and were part off Savannah lore are Nigel and Sheila…The Songbirds. Two weeks ago I completed their final piece which will post on this site Dec 25. This will be the last piece with them as main characters. Quite frankly, until I sat back looking at that finished story I did not realize just how much I enjoyed those two.

Very quietly, radio techie turned lawyer Sheila and her shock-jock British husband Nigel became two of the longest running characters in my serials. A step further back and they helped inspire the Savannah series last summer.

Then there is Welcome To My Bubble. On December 29 the finale of this series will post. I first started this post…this finale post back in August. Everything that has already posted in that series came after that. Regardless, it is a fun four month relationship coming to an end. A much shorter run than some, but a set that has felt really different to me as each episode had some history that required a bit of real research.

Point being, three of my current major works have come to an end all at once.

The suggestion of three further parts to Savannah’s story means that I am obviously not done with her, but with each progressive story the characters involved will change and evolve.

So, 2014 starts in a week.

Savannah, which is already my longest consistent project will continue. Were I a betting man, I will finish the fourth of the Quadrilogy about summer of 2015. This, if course, assumes that nothing else major comes up in between now and then.

There is also the Infinite Monkey project which is well underway. There has been some serious evolution to my initial ideas here…with how vague I have left this, I cannot say more yet. All in good time, though.

More to the point of what is in the future on this site…

I briefly made a mention of potentially bringing Fifi back, but I am not feeling that any longer. The first reworked draft did not do it for me. It may still happen, but not yet.

There are a couple of series that will carry over in Tattooed Vicky and Advancing In Shadows which both are fun to write…but are too bloody serious. Not certain if they will continue for long, but we will see.

Point being there are two new, more humor based ideas that are sitting in the draft files and will likely see the post button early on in the year. There is also one older humor set I am reworking and am debating whether to post or perhaps use as my first erotic-humor novel…the latter is very tempting.

Thus we sit two months into the fourth calendar year of my posting stories on this site…and just wanted to thank you again. Writing on its own can be very cathartic…writing for an audience that responds is both cathartic and a good reminder that we are not alone.

So, I invite you to sit back and open up this little book. Much as I enjoy making you laugh, making you cum, or even just making you think…I do ask one favor of you. If you would be so kind, your job as a reader is to never let me off the hook.

Helping me to work harder at this nasty writing habit and, as good old Howard Jones sings…things can only get better.

Thanks for reading.

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