The Nymph of Second Street Southwest

Calgary Blizzard by Colby StopaSnow drifted down papering the streets. Spun out and snow bank imbedded vehicles left a clean white path between them. Empty sidewalks awaited the first footprints of those brave enough to walk out into the storm.

This was The Storm. The worst storm Calgary had seen in more than a hundred years.

Jason peered out of the truck’s foggy windows at the surrounding evening lights of orange reflecting off of the white. He was warm, being the truck had only just been turned off, and horny, being the truck’s owner and driver currently had her lips wrapped around his erection.

For Jason, walking home from work was usual. Even walking home in the dark was completely normal. On days like this, however, he wished he had other options as he shivered through the beginning of the storm. He only lived a twenty-minute walk from the office, but the blowing snow wrecked havoc with his norms. He did not notice the black pickup truck pull up along side.

“Need a ride?” the gorgeous brunette had asked.

Hugging himself to keep warm, he only saw this as an opportunity to get out of the cold. “Sure, thanks,” he said stepping over the snow bank to the door. Climbing in, he sighed leaning his head back. “I hate this weather.”

“Welcome to Calgary.”

“Oh, I love the city, but these fucking freezing days are too much for me.” His eyes glanced over into the blue eyes beneath her curls. “Wait, do I know you?”

She laughed. “No, you don’t.”

His chest tightened with nerves and he straightened up.

“Don’t worry, hun. I’m just offering a ride home.” She pulled the large pickup from the curb and made a new path through the fresh snow.

That was an hour before.

He saw plenty of avenues for potential danger, but they were quickly dismissed. Of course, his cock’s one eye was seeing deep in her mouth at the moment.

Her tongue licked him like a flame from his balls to the tip. Warm lips sucking until he gasped and held on to the seat to keep his balance. Amused blue eyes catching his to assess his enjoyment.

“Holy fuck,” he gasped. “I just wanted a ride home.”

“I know,” she said during a brief moment of her lips leaving his member. “But a girl’s gotta eat.”

He laughed and felt the beginning onrush of his orgasm. It was unstoppable as his cock convulsed inside her mouth, unleashing its milk.

The brunette missed none, swallowing every drop. Without a word, she reached past him, unlatched the door and growled, “Get the fuck out.”

Cock still free, he did not argue. Sliding from the truck cab to the sidewalk in front of his apartment, he quickly zipped up. Turning back to the truck, his mouth fell open in shock.

There was no black pickup truck. No tire tracks in the snow, either. Only his own footprints that started two steps back at the curb.

He took two paces out into the white street and saw no moving vehicle in either direction. “Holy shit,” he whispered before turning to get out of the cold.

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