Of Vikings and Pirates

Vamp Teeth by Silverwolf1233“My love, are you there?”

Koke’s eyes snapped open. “Alrik?” she hissed.

“I hear you, where are you?”

Her eyes searched the scattered corpses around her. She had dispatched all without rousing suspicions, but if Alrik saw her like this he would be frightened. Blood from around her mouth was wiped off on the sleeve of the, now dead, whipman. “I am here!”

“We are coming!”

We? Who was we? She had fed upon his crew. Who did Alrik have with him? She decided that the blood upon her naked body would add sympathy, so left it alone and went to the door.

A small window near the top of the far wall showed that sunlight was dwindling.

A good thing, as she could deal with only so much light before her energy would drain. These humans might burn in the sun, but Koke, she would fry if left in it for too long. Her bare feet padded across the stones and she pulled on the large door.

In the arrogance of her captors, it was unlocked.

Into the hallway just in time as she saw Alrik turn the corner into the corridor.

He gasped at the sight of her. “What have they done to you?” Armour clanged as his slow quiet walk turned into a run for the last few steps to her.

A younger man followed him around the corner, causing Koke to halt.

Alrik wrapped her in his arms.

“My love,” she whispered, “behind you.”

He turned the embrace to the side so he could see. “He is with me. This is Dennis of Kent.”

Dennis’ eyes held hers. “M’lady Koke, I presume. I will find something to cover you.” He turned and ran back down the corridor.

“The crew,” she said in a crying tone, “they were all killed and I escaped before I was caught by these…”

“I know. That beast killed two crews. This is how I came to be with Dennis of Kent.”

“It is just Dennis,” Dennis corrected, returning with a heavy blanket.

Alrik took the blanket and made it a cocoon for Koke before he led her back down the corridor. “Dennis of Kent, why are there no guards?”

“No idea, sir. It is eerie, though.”

With neither looking at her, Koke allowed a slight grin. No other guards explained how she had slaughtered her captors without further rousing reinforcements.

“We have two horses waiting. We will find you proper clothes and continue our journey.”

“Where will we go?” Koke asked, trying to sound breathless.

“To the north shore and find passage across to England. I have brethren there that will take us home.”

“And what of Dennis?”

“See, sir, she already calls me Dennis.”

“Dennis of Kent can choose to stay with us as long as she likes.”

“Sir, it’s just Dennis.”

Alrik laughed heartily. It began as a laugh from the teasing he gave to Dennis, but turned into a release of the tension he had felt in his search for Koke.

As predicted, the horses were waiting for them in the dusk. A quick loot of a local shop brought Koke a long black dress, undergarments and boots. They continued out of town heading north until Alrik found a suitable place to camp.

Alrik passed out in front of the fire after eating.

Koke imagined the stress of the day was too much for the large Viking, after all he was only mortal. She washed off in a nearby stream and returned to sit beside him.

Dennis cleaned his weapons, picking at his food. His eyes snapped up to Koke.

“I know you,” Koke said. With no response, she rose to her feet and walked around the campfire. “How did you find me?”

Dennis chuckled a laugh much older than the age of his body. “You are never difficult to follow. A trail of bodies everywhere you go. How many corpses did you leave in that prison?”

Sitting down beside him, she reached between his legs and squeezed his crotch. “I’ve missed this.”

Another chuckle. “You’ve a massive Viking to play with, what use do you have for my tiny member? I’m impressed how you’ve hidden yourself from him. He sees you as frail and in need of protection.”

Her hands freed Dennis’ erection from his trousers. “Yes, Alrik is a wonderful packhorse.” Switching onto her knees she leaned forward and licked the tip of his penis.

“When will you feed upon him?”

“I’m not certain yet. Perhaps in England.”

“You could turn him.”

With the erection held in her hand she straightened up and mounted Dennis. Her fangs slipped out and, as she slid down on top of his cock, they slipped into his throat.

“He would be a powerful aid, indeed.”

Koke drank. It had been too long since she had tasted the blood of the one that turned her.

Dennis groaned his pleasure. “Did you get my message?”

She stopped and released her bite. “What message?”

“Evolution has begun.” He licked her throat before sinking his fangs in.



  1. You have intrigued me with this tale! I do love the twists and turns.

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