Fire Alarm

Author’s note: this is a series that has been, roughly, a year in the works. I suspect you will recognize the members of the Princess Union rather quickly. I’ll leave you to figure out these first three on your own…thanks for reading!

Fire Alarm by Steve SnodgrassCindy sat at her desk tapping away on the keyboard. As always, her long blonde hair was perfect, straight, and held its shape as though it were a helmet. “Where are Morgan and Lily?” she asked the computer monitor as though it could talk to her. Smoothing out her white blouse and brushing off the single crumb that escaped from her morning toast, she barely missed a beat typing.

Diana twirled her brunette hair with the pen in her hand. “They will be here, just give them time. Just make sure you get that typing done.” Long legs crossed under her black skirt as she stared over her glasses at Cindy. Her own desk was more a boardroom table at the front of the office.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Don’t you ma’am me, missy. I’ll send you back to that step-mother of yours and…”

Leia stood bolt upright at her desk and slammed down the phone. “Fiona’s going to pull the fire alarm!”

Diana gasped with a huge smile.

Cindy clasped her hands together and cupped it over her grinning face.

The smile on Leia’s face allowed three words to escape, “Clark is coming!”

The security alarm went off and all three women cheered. Each grabbed a small make-up pouch from their desk as they left. Together they giggled over the alarm as they made their way down the forty-two flights of stairs. By the time the the burst out of the stairwell, they had perfect make-up and even more perfect hair…Diana with her shining dark hair straight in a pony-tail, Leia’s brunette locks balled up into what looked like tight cinnamon rolls, and Cindy’s blonde with a tiara on top.

“He’s mine,” Diana hissed.

“Bullshit,” Cindy said and pushed past. “I saw him first.”

“Yeah, well you’re just an old cougar.”

Leia interrupted, “Would you two shut up. Last time he ended up having coffee with Peach, and we all know how that went.”

“That’s what happens when you go out with a video game programmer.” Diana smirked.

Cindy offered a high five.

Diana happily smacked the blonde’s hand. “What if we shared him?”

Both Leia and Cindy stopped with a gasp to turn and look at Diana.

Leia’s eyes walked over Diana. “I’m game.”

Cindy’s mouth puckered to one side. “I dunno. I’m an old fashioned girl, you know…”

“Cougar,” Diana corrected.

“…and I’m not sure how I’d feel about sharing my bed with another woman, never mind my man.”

Leia grinned. “That’s okay, Diana, we can gang up and keep him between us then.”

“Hey!” Cindy put hands on hips.

“That’s my move,” Diana pointed out.

“Alright ladies!”

All three turned, stunned to see Clark already there in full fire paraphernalia.

In fact, there seemed to be similar arguments going between many of the women from the building and all were surprised that they missed his arrival.

“Which one of you pulled the fire alarm?” His smile flashed bright white perfect teeth as blue eyes scanned the surrounding women.

Typical, all the men looked annoyed…except Richard from the piano shop that faced west on the ground floor. In fact, Richard looked just as smitten as any of the women. He turned and grinned at Diana. “Can I get an Amen?”

“Richard, as usual, you’re preaching to the choir here.”

He reached up and checked his black curls. “Can’t blame a girl for trying.”

Cindy sighed. “Fuck, Richard you’re not a gur…oh, never mind.”

Richard’s voice sung out, “He looks sah-WEEEEET!”

“Clark! I didn’t pull it.” The voice was from Peach, his date from last week’s fire drill.

Clark’s eyes widened with fear on seeing her.

Peach had a very similar look to Cindy, but shorter and rounder. Odds are she wanted another coffee date to discuss more games and show off cleavage.

Leia leaned over to Cindy and whispered, “Her pussy is so unused I bet it’s degraded by now.”

“Pixels do that,” Cindy agreed.

“Thank you, Peach.” His eyes turned back to the crowd. “So who was it?”

No volunteers offered.

“Clark.” Diana stepped forward and in two paces was well within his personal sphere. “Maybe we could discuss this over dinner.”

He chuckled. “You and me?”

“And Leia and Cindy,” Diana offered.

His eyes widened without fear this time.

Could have been eagerness or panic, but Diana knew she had him. “My place? Nine?”

His voice dropped deep. “I’ll be there.”

Diana nodded and turned away.

“Um, Diana?”

“Yes, Clark?”

“Where is your place?”

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