Roman Law

Author’s note: Part IX of Whore’s Voyage. We have skipped a bit of unimportant stuff, but allow me to fill in upon where we are. Alrik is driving a carriage that was provided by their new Celt companions that ride their own horses as outriders. The carriage, itself, carries Dennis and Koke. However, this is not really where we are beginning…

Gas Mask by TreyBearArt14The sign was a week old and announced the building as “The King Edward”. A mix of grey and red bricks had been used in construction of the hotel. The lobby was white walls with arched stucco ceilings from which chandeliers dangled lighting the way.

In fourth floor room, Koke sat back on the sofa and lifted the wine chalice to her lips. Her brown eyes watched through the large window.

The room was dark save for the flickering shadows caused by streetlights a few storeys below. Above hung the moon, keeping watch over all as sun rested.

Not that Koke wanted sunlight. Quite to the contrary. Her fangs flashed white, picking up stray light as the red wine dripped from them. The leather she wore creaked with each of her movements. Her leather matched the masque on the sidetable that was black spectacles and breathing apparatus.

Beside Koke sat a large man, one she did not recognize. He was naked, holding a glass similar to Koke’s, and having his cock sucked by a naked petite auburn-haired woman on her knees.

Other than Red sucking, the room was silent…until the whistle in the distance.

Eyes moved away from the penetration beside her. Koke turned her attention to the whistle. Through the window, at some distance, she watched the long dark snake moving.

The snake’s head gave a blast of steam white into dark air with the next two quick whistles.

Red, fixated on worshipping the erection before her, ignored the sounds. Her tongue flicked at the testicles, bringing a grown from their owner.

Koke watched her for a moment longer. Reaching down, Koke pulled the auburn hair.

Pulling back, the buckle on Red’s collar caught the light.

“My turn,” Koke instructed.

Red moved back with as much slack as the leash attached to Koke’s belt would allow.

Koke knelt between the man’s legs.

He, too, had a collar, also fastened by chain to Koke’s belt. His clean shaven head sparkled with sweat.

Koke bared her fangs at him, opened her mouth and.

…an explosion outside lit up the room.

Turning back to the window, Koke watched as beams of light rained down from the sky. Surrounding buildings began to blaze and fall as they were hit. Ground units returned fire at the sky.

“They’ve come!” the man said in deep baritone. “We knew they’d come back!”

Koke returned to look at him. “Who’s come?”

Confusion crossed his eyes before he answered, “The Romans.”

The room around them erupted in flame.

The rocking carriage awoke Koke. She was on the floor as it moved with the clopping of horse-hooves on the hard path outside.

Dennis looked down at her with a grin. “You saw more, didn’t you?”

“I was dreaming.”

“Bullshit. Tell me what you saw.”

Her eyes looked away. He was right as the memory was strong and, unlike a dream, not fading. “I saw a long horse-less carriage that spouted steam from its head.”

“A stream train, wonderful.”

“Yes.” She climbed to her knees. “Two were with me. Both naked except black collars…”

“Slaves, no doubt.”

“No doubt.” Leaning forward, her hand absently went to his crotch and fondled. “Am I your slave?”

“What else did you see?” he asked, failing to mask the annoyed tone.

“There was a war going on. A great battle began just before I woke here.”

“When was it?” His eyes looked up before correcting himself, “When will it be?”

Her hands tugged at the drawstrings on his pants. “19th Century, I think.” Fingers dug in, wrapped around his erection and pulled it out.

“That’s still a long time. Once the Romans are gone, this is when we will blossom. No more religious to hold us back with its fear mongering. I expect you are mistaken in your time frame and you saw the early 20th Century. Perhaps World War One.”

Koke grinned up at him.

“Are you going to suck that, or just study it?”

“I’m hungry,” she whispered before slipping her lips around his cock.

“I am as well. We will feed well in the battle to free Alrik’s betrothed, no doubt.” He pushed aside the carriage curtain to look out into the dusk. “I imagine we must be there…”

Alrik’s voice yelled out and the carriage rocked to a halt.


Koke rose to her feet. “Speak of the devil.”

Dennis put a finger to his lips. “Don’t call me that in front of the mortals. We don’t want to scare them yet.”

“There was something else.”

“What else?”

“The moment the battle started, the man that was with me seemed excited and said it was the Romans coming back.”

Dennis’ face turned to fear. “That is not possible. They should be gone by then.”ย He pulled back the curtain and looked outside.

Koke shrugged. She saw the flicker of flame light from the window. “What is going on out there?”

The howling winds brought crackling fires grew.

The pale skin on Dennis’ face turned a shade further white. “The world burns!” He made for the carriage door. “This is not how it was to be.”



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