Sacrifice to the Volcano

Author’s note: This is part 12 of 13 from Whore’s Voyage. Although this has been rewritten three times over since, this was the first part of the series I actually wrote before writing backwards from this. In the tradition of works such as Harry Potter…I then separated it into two parts (this one and XIII next week). One minor issue…if I may…is that this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is “safe sex”. I considered throwing a Trojan Horse into the mix, but…

Volcano by  Indrik myneurThe sleepy town of Unaoss sat at the foot of the mountain Lofot. It nestled into a flat treed area just before the land vanished into the sea.

Four hundred souls lived in this town normally.

This night, however, only one mortal soul remained as he fought his way along side a vampyre through wolves to find his love. That he was the lone mortal soul left was unbeknownst to Alrik. He was aware of the werewolves as he struck with his sword, not caring whether he actually killed them or not but simply fending them off. That his two companions and wife were vampyre, however, he was unaware.

Dennis, with his blade of silver, did end the lives of many werewolves during their search.

“Dennis of Kent, where is she? She must be…” Alrik’s voice halted as they rounded a corner to see the two women.

Koke, the tiny Mongolian, carried the large Viking woman in her arms.

Kadlin’s blonde hair swung. Her mouth gagged at the pain as the vampyre blood Koke had fed her continued to fill her veins.

Turning to the mouth of the road, Dennis scanned behind them. “We must get her into one of the buildings and hide. They will be upon us.”

Openly weeping, Alrik accepted the order and went straight to Koke and Kadlin. His massive arms picked her up his wife with little effort.

Without words, Koke led him to one of the buildings nearest and they went up the stairs. Dennis followed behind, bolting the door.

Finding a bedroom, Alrik laid Kadlin on the bed. “What has happened to her?”

Kadlin’s blonde hair fanned beneath her head.

Dennis glared at Koke. “Answer!”

“She almost died,” Koke whispered. “I know I wasn’t supposed to…”

“You definitely were not,” Dennis agreed.

“Supposed to what?” Alrik turned so he could gaze between Koke and Dennis. He was, however, close enough that Kadlin could reach for him.

At that moment, she did reach. “I’m hungry.”

Alrik’s attention turned to Kadlin. “I’m here, my love.” He crouched beside her.

Howls came in through the window.

Her hand reached behind his neck and pulled him in for a deep kiss. No longer writhing in pain, her body began to slither on the bed, pulling him down upon her.

“We should leave them,” Dennis said.

“Fuck you, I’m staying.” Koke also climbed onto the bed.

Alrik stood back up and away from the bed and watched as Koke and Kadlin began with kisses and nuzzles.

Soon both women had all clothes gone. Koke laid on her back as Kadlin straddled her face and lowered. Kadlin looked over her shoulder and hissed, “Do it.” She then winced at what Koke did.

Alrik was confused and aroused. More howls from outside had him concerned, but watching Koke and Kadlin had his erection well formed within his armour. The biggest shock, however, was as he looked at Kadlin’s face and saw fangs growing in her mouth.

Kadlin leaned forward and licked first before planting her teeth into Koke’s thigh.

Alrik now felt fear driving through him. He jumped when Dennis, now naked, stepped into his peripheral vision and climbed on to the bed behind Kadlin.

Soon Dennis was controlling the rhythm of the three with his thrusts. His eyes burned red as he looked up at Alrik. He offered a quick nod to the Viking, a direction to join them.

Afraid not to, Alrik divested his armour and clothes and joined them. He took position between Koke’s legs.

Kadlin, also with burning red eyes, looked up at him. She grasped his erection and guided it into Koke’s pussy.

Alrik felt Kadlin’s tongue along the shaft as it exposed between thrusts. His eyes popped open and his thrusts stopped.

“What is it?” Dennis also stopped, sensing something.

“The howls have stopped.” Alrik glanced towards the window.

The explosion that followed shook the building. Pictures fell from walls and furniture toppled over or collapsed. Darkness outside was lit to bright orange of fire.

“The Earth quakes!” Dennis pulled out of Kadlin.

Alrik pulled out of Koke and went to the window. “This is no simple quake. The Lady Lofot, she erupts.” He pointed up at the spout of red above.

The red spouted and flowed down with ferocious speed.

“Should we get to the water?” Dennis began pulling clothing on.

Both women quickly did similar.

Alrik simply stood, naked, with his erection pointing out the window. “This will boil the sea. This will burn us all. This is our end.”

Dennis grunted. “Speak for yourself.”



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