Beware of Leopards Bearing Pi

Paper Faces by Lauren ListonPhyllis watched as the car pulled away. Her green eyes squinted against the sinking sun and she made out the tiny arm waving through the back window. She pushed the bangs of her black hair out of her eyes. With a hair appointment tomorrow, her usual bob-cut would be back to its usual shorter length. With it just at shoulder length, it flipped behind her with aid of the breeze.

Trees lining the street rustled against that same breeze, struggling to hold on to leaves that had already turned yellow.

Raising to the tip toes of her white sneakers, she waved back knowing that little Stephanie could not see. Pulling the oversized lime green hoodie tight, Phyllis turned to head back into her condo.

The bottle of Merlot, opened earlier to allow breathing, waited on the counter patiently. A no-stem wine glass sat beside it and was ready when the red liquid filled it. Don Henley crooned from the laptop on the counter about his yearning for the Sunset Grill.

Muscles relaxed with the first sip, Phyllis sat in her Ikea-bought lounge chair and picked up the report card that Stephanie had brought home that afternoon. Comments such as “follows directions” grated her nerves. As always, the report card was spectacular, but it seemed Phyllis was raising a compliant little girl. Compliance was something Phyllis felt she, herself, did not figure out how to avoid until her thirties.

The wine took hold, melting thoughts away.

Laying the report card back on the coffee table, her mind wandered to future endeavours.

As was usual, six-year-old Stephanie would be with her father for a week. There would be calls each night, but otherwise Stephanie would come home thinking that mummy had done nothing but sit and await her return.

What would she do while Stephanie was away?

The question mulled through Phyllis’ mind. She snickered. “I’m getting laid.” Her lips embraced the wine glass once again.

Two wines in, showered and clothing changed she took the elevator down to her waiting cab. Her cream trench coat flapped in the fall breeze that had begun picking up with the dropping of darkness. Popping the red door open, she grinned seeing her usual driver. “Good evening, Reynolds.”

“Ms. Phyllis, so nice to see you.”

Slipping behind the passenger seat she crossed her legs and allowed her coat to open just enough to show off the tops of her stockings. She knew Reynolds liked that. “You as well, how’s the family?”

“Fantastic. We sent Samantha to university last week.”

“Really? Already? She’s just…”

“Twenty-one,” he growled. Putting the car into gear, he spun the wheel away from the curb.

“Holy fuck, now I feel old.”

He laughed. “Usual place?”

“Yes, Reynolds. Can I entice you in tonight?” One day she hoped to play with the muscled silver-fox Irishman.

As was tradition, he paused a beat before answering. “Thank you, Ms. Phyllis, but not tonight.”


He nodded.

“If only she knew how lucky she is.”

He grinned. “Music?”

“Van Halen?”

“Of course!”

David Lee Roth began to sing about his love of tattoos over the car stereo.

“Are you ready?” Reynolds asked with his blue eyes shrouded in darkness as he looked at her through the rear-view mirror.

“Mmmm, yes, I’m ready.”

“Ms. Pi, is it?”

“It is?”

“How many hearts will you break tonight?”

She smirked. “No idea, but I plan to suck at least five cocks,” she growled.

A whistle came from Reynolds’ mouth as he swung the cab around a dark corner. “Lucky cocks.”

“You better believe it.”

He nodded and turned another corner. “Usual time?”

Her turn to nod. “I’ve your number if I’m early.”

Pulling the cab up to the curb in front of a dark brick building, he slipped it back into park. “I can’t wait to hear the story.”

She patted him on the shoulder before departing the cab. As always, she would pay him for the entire week on the last night. The stiletto heels of her black pumps clicked on the sidewalk as she made her way to the door.

A few patrons smoked on the sidewalk around the door, and the eyes of most of them fixed on her as she walked by and knocked.

The door was a speak easy with an eye slit that opened more for effect than protection. Glenn, one of the owners peered out, and squealed before quickly opened the door. “Pi!” His huge arms wrapped around her in a bear hug that nearly ripped the back of his tweed sports jacket.

“Glenn! How’s things? How’s Hailey?” Grinding the hug into him she felt one of the erections that would be in her mouth before the evening was out. The fact that Glenn was here meant she would beat her estimate of five. Knowing the friends he usually brought, she might even double that.

He grinned his missing-tooth smile. “Hailey’s downstairs and will tell you herself…between orgasms, of course.”


He took her coat.

Her little black dress came down just far enough to cover the top of her black stay-up stockings. The dress was strapless and offered a huge accentuated her cleavage better than anything else she owned that was not a corset.

The place was a historical home in the area that had been retrofit rather than, like most of the surrounding buildings, torn down and replaced with offices. After the hallway entrance was the dance area and bar with stairs leading upstairs to the jacuzzis, locker rooms and play areas.

Once her masque went on, her cleavage and legs would be recognized. Large pink nipples and strip of brunette pubic hair, that matched what her pre-greying shoulder-length hair, would give her away. Allowing the streaks of grey to flow unabated through her hair separated her from most of those she termed as the usual suspects. Unlike many, Pi was not here to regain her youth, but was instead here to reassert her adulthood.

Unlike other sex clubs in the area, this one never intended to mimic a night club. Holly Cole’s voice drifted from the speakers in her take on “Calling You”, giving ash eerie romantic feel.

Off to the locker room, Pi found her private locker and undressed down to just lingerie and leopard-cat suit top. Her leopard masque hung from one of the hooks beckoning to be put on. She could not refuse.

Walking out to the play areas, she pulled the fabric cat-suit tail from behind her and swung it. “Hello, boys.”

Four black-suited men immediately recognized her voice and turned from their conversations. Each excused themselves and converged to where Pi could kneel between them.

Her  hands found each zipper and soon four cocks were alternating between her hands and lips. She stroked each. She sucked each, sometimes even taking two into her mouth at once. She swallowed cum four times before standing again, licking her lips. A kiss for each and she moved in further.

A new gent, an unknown, sat on one of the benches in nothing but a towel. His partner was currently being fucked by one of the club regulars on the large leather mattress in front of him.

Pi walked past and caught his head swivel in her peripheral vision. She grinned, sensing him standing behind her to follow. She walked to the windowsill and bent over. Reaching between her legs, she pulled the snap on her crotch open. It was barely a second before she heard the rip of the condom package behind her. Surprisingly fast, she felt the nudge of his sheathed cock teasing her pussy open.A Darker Flame Badge - L

His muscled arms grasped her hips.

Her eyes turned to look over her shoulder at him. “Beware of the leopard,” she whispered.


She thrust back against him.

“His cock was fucking awesome!”

Reynolds laughed as he swung the wheel and pulled up to the curb in front of the condo. “You had fun, Ms. Pi, that’s all that matters.”

“Yes, I did,” she groaned and stretched her legs. “Come up for a beer?”

He looked out the windshield briefly before slipping the car back into drive. “Sure, one sounds lovely.” He pulled the car around to the visitor parking spaces.

Pi accepted his hand to help her from the car. “Thanks, Reynolds. You really should try the club sometime.”

The tall man blushed and shrugged. “Were Amanda able, I would love to. However, I already know to beware of the leopard.” He emphasized his point with a finger at her.

“I bet you do.”

“Do you know where your towel is?”

Pi laughed. “Let’s get that beer. When do they expect you back at the hospital?”

Another shrug. “Not like Amanda’s waking up. Samantha has gone off to school, as well. Not like I’m on the clock.”

Pi took his hand. “Come on my friend. I think I have a couch and pillow with your name on it.”

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