Beams Crossing

“Cheating on my boyfriend.” The smirk on her face betrayed the shake of her head. The brunette turned her back to him and leaned both bare elbows on the bar. The black PVC corset she wore pushed her cleavage up to the point a man could balance his drink on it.

Hemlock laughed. “Fuck, no. There doesn’t have to be sex involved, for one thing.” Pulling a glass from the below-bar dishwasher, he polished it with his towel and hung it over the bar.

“Oh?” Eyes widening, she turned back to him again.

“If it did, part of my requirement would be your boyfriend be there with us.”

She was young with straight brunette hair to her shoulders. “Yeah, that’s not happening. Besides, I’m not here for the guys.” Her shoulders slumped but she compensated with a laugh.

“You said he’s a construction worker?” Hemlock imagined the woman was the type of woman who would have knees ripped in her jeans and sit cross-legged on kitchen chairs.

“Yeah…” Brown eyes looked away as she picked up her drink for a sip.

“Manly man?” Again, Hemlock sensed hypocrisy in her sip, thinking she wanted to gulp.


“Jealous sort if he sees another man paying too much attention to you?”

This question stopped her. Her eyes glanced around the bar before she answered, “You know it. He likes it when I play with women. He likes joining us when that happens.”

“I see. So he is afraid to cross the beams then.”


“Ghostbusters…some guys are afraid to have a threesome with a couple for fear of crossing the beams. Some take it to homophobic levels.”

She giggled. “I’m not sure about that.”

“Have you ever had a threesome with two guys?” His peripheral caught sight of a man in a black sport jacket taking the bar stool next to the woman.

She shook her head and eyes darted to check out the man beside her.

“Do you want to?”

Red hit her cheeks. “No, I’m here for the women.”

“I call it seventy per cent accurate.”

Lifting her wine glass, she sipped. “What do you mean?”

“Seventy per cent of you is here for the women. I figure twenty per cent of you likes the ego boost you get telling guys to get the hell away.”

“You can’t do math, that’s only ninety.”

Hemlock sipped from his water with a grin. “Five wants a combination there of, and the last five wants to be the centre of attention, regardless of gender.” His eyes stayed with her. “See, I’m right.”


“Your eyes widened and nostrils flared. You’re excited by the last scenario.”

“Who are you, Yoda?”

Hemlock stopped with a long-stemmed wine glass in hand. “Why does everyone think I’m Yoda. Am I turning green? Do I sound like Miss Piggy?”

“Wise guy, you are, yes,” she mocked in a poor attempt at the voice.

“It’s not easy being green.”

“You know a lot, even for a silver fox.”

He chuckled. “I used to own one of these clubs a long time ago.” His eyes glanced up and caught Travis, the club owner, passing.

“Galaxy far, far away?”

“You’re funny.”

“Yes, I am.” Her tongue slipped out across her lips.

Hemlock knew he would be slipping between her legs before the night was through. He already had the image of her brunette hair wrapped around his hand while he tugged. “You won’t be so funny when I have a handful of your hair.”

“So this is your real job?” the man in the black sport coat interrupted.

Hemlock’s eyes shifted. “James? What the hell are you doing here? Checking up on me?”

“Something like that.”

“Is he your therapist?” the brunette said and pointed a thumb at James.

Hemlock smirked.

James turned to the brunette. “How are you this evening?”

“Fuck off, jerk.”

Hemlock laughed. “James, don’t take that personally. She does that to all the guys.”

“So I’m not special?” James chuckled and lifted a black fedora to his head. “Good to see you, Hemlock. Tuesday morning, right?”

“How about a beer?”

“I’m working, I really…”

“No you’re not.” Hemlock clucked his tongue.

“See, he’s like Yoda,” the brunette said with a giggle.

“What do you mean, I’m not?”

“Wedding ring is off. You’re hoping to get lucky.”

Pulling his left hand off the bar, James smiled. “Okay, but nothing illegal about that.”

Hemlock turned his gaze back to the brunette. “I’m sorry, I’m Hemlock as I’m sure you’ve guessed. Rather than call you brunette in my head all night, what’s your name?”

She laughed. “Caroline.”

“Well, Caroline, I think James and his wife will be happy to join us in getting you to a fantasy you’re afraid of.”

“My wife isn’t…”

“I do not want…”

“James, your wife is the redhead over there that you keep glancing at. You’re excited and nervous about the guy who sat next to her and started talking her up.”

“Um, wow.”

“From the smile on her face, she’s rather pleased to be here even if you told her it was work. And as for you, my dear Caroline, that five per cent grew to about fifty per cent the minute I suggested it. You’re breaking up with your boyfriend when he gets home tomorrow, anyway.”

“I am not!”

“Yes, you are. You prefer your men to be bi and more feminine. You frowned just a bit when saying your guy is a manly guy and you’ve been watching Butch and Benny over in the corner there as they both fawn over the brunette between them. You’re jealous of her, not them, although I suspect you’d happily play with all three.”

Both were silent.

Travis passed behind Hemlock with a chuckle. “You’re fucking Yoda, dude.”

“Oh, come on!” Hemlock took a large gulp from his water. “Oh, James, this is the owner of the place, Travis.”

Travis offered a hand over the bar that James shook.

“James is my parole officer.”

“Parole officer?” Caroline asked with a laugh.

Hemlock winked at her. “I’m making you two be honest. Only fair I do the same.”

The honesty was rewarded later, as Hemlock knew it would be. Two hours later he found himself pulling his erection out of Caroline and lowering to push into Milley, James’ wife.

Caroline was on top of Milley as both women alternated between making out and sucking James’ cock.

Hemlock allowed the women to control the action until he was certain both were good with the situation. With how quickly James had undressed, Hemlock had no doubt he was willing to play. Of course, Milley’s stunned gasp at Hemlock’s abs showed she would be easily enticed as well.

One last thrust and Hemlock was ready. “Time to cross the beams.”

Caroline laughed.

James looked across the naked women at Hemlock with a questioning glance.

Milley did not seem to hear.

Stroking to keep his erection, Hemlock moved around beside the women. James shifted over to the opposite side. Both them moved in until the erections touched, side by side.

The women devoured them both. Each woman sucked each cock, in turn, and then accepted both into their mouths at once.

Hemlock’s cum sprayed first catching the cheeks of both women and Jame’s balls.

James fired next with a similar result.

Milley giggled, licking the cum from Caroline’s cheeks first and Hemlock.

Caroline returned the favour and cleaned off James’ testicles.

Falling to his ass and sitting, Hemlock laughed. “See, I told you all this would happen.”

Milley settled her head on her husband’s lap. “I’m not complaining.”

Caroline climbed over and straddled Hemlock. “I’m not complaining either, assuming you can get it up again.” Squeezing her breasts against him, she kissed him deeply.

Hemlock’s erection immediately sprung back to attention.

“Good boy,” she whispered and nipped at his ear lobe.

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