In the Beginning There Was a Big Bang

“I’ve never built one of these.” Kevin wiped sweat from his brow and looked up from the drawings. Though it was warm, the sweat was more from Melinda not being the usual grunt of general contractors he dealt with. Her tight jeans and bare navel just went against all that was plumber-pants. “It has kneelers. Is this a church thing for worship?”

Melinda grinned with red curls framing her freckled skin and green eyes. “Worship, yes. Church, no.”

“Okay, and what species are you looking for?”

“Species? Human, what species are you expecting?”

He chuckled. “The wood?”

“Oh.” Freckles vanished as blush took over her cheeks. “I want it dark, but more importantly very sturdy.”

His blue eyes left her green and returned to the drawing in the hopes it would make the image of her lips wrapped around his cock go away. “Okay, is cost a factor or am I getting this done in Katalox?”

“Be reasonable about it. Sturdy doesn’t mean exotic.”

“Plain sliced European Beech with a nice dark stain then.” His eyes glanced back up. “I’ll get you a sample.”

“Sounds perfect.”

“Half payment upon acceptance of sample and quote, and half on delivery of the first unit. Additional units half at ordering, half on delivery.” The new image in his head was her, without the blue jeans and riding him…though oddly still with the tight v-necked black belly t-shirt on. Something about seeing her nipples poking through that fabric was a huge turn on.

She grinned causing her green eyes to shrink to slits. “I won’t even have to flog you.”

“Sorry, flog?” His own eyes widened and sweat resoaked his forehead.

“That’s what this will be for.”


“Flogging those that worship.”

His belly tingled and his cock hardened beneath the table. The wedding band around his finger, however, felt tight and held his mind from racing. “Explains why you want sturdy.”

She dropped bills in the desk.

“I haven’t even done the sample. And I suspect that is more than half.”

“Let’s call it a discretionary down payment.”

“Right…discretion. I never saw anything.”

“Melinda? Melinda Grimes?”

Kevin looked at his wife over his pint. “Keep your voice down, I’m not supposed to tell anyone.” With how empty the place was, both knew it was a wasted statement.

As a couple they owned the millwork shop, that he ran, and the town’s only pub, that his wife Heather ran. Being they also owned the building they could afford these times when the Poor Man’s Public House was empty. The only time the place was ever packed was either on nights the Flames played, or right after the churches up the street let out.

“Melinda is in the book club that meets here on Thursdays.”

“Really? I’d never have guessed.” He picked up the burger from his plate for a big bite.

“She’s also a pro domme that has clients traveling from all over to see her.”

Mid pickle swallow Kevin choked and coughed. Mustard oozed from the burger clasped and squeezed in his hands.

“You okay?” Her brunette hair swayed as she stood to smack her husband between the shoulder blades.

“I’m fine,” he croaked holding a mustard covered hand up for emphasis. A few more coughs later he was ready to talk further. “I didn’t think this town was big enough to have a prostitute.”

“She’s not a prostitute.”

“Does she sleep with her clients?”

“Well, yeah, she does, but…” Heather grinned.

“How do you know?”

“We talked after book club. She’s like me, she can only put up with so much of Georgia’s Bible thumping praise and commentary on our book of the month.”

He eyed his burger, debating whether a second attack was warranted.

“Yeah, I didn’t think she would take my recommendation when I told her about you.”


“She said she needed new sex furniture.”

“And of course you thought of me.” His next burger bite was less ambitious.

“You’re my husband. You work with wood. Plus, for her, you’re not one of the town Jesus freaks.”


“She said she could try it out with me, too” Heather immediately cracked into laughter.

“Cute, you’re kidding.”

“No, I’m not.”

Kevin looked at the piece of furniture he had created.

As he had promised, it was European Steamed Beech with a dark ebony stain. It was built like a saw horse with a black upholstered top and a similarly upholstered kneeler on either side.

His eyes moved around the brick walled room to the chains and shackles that dangled from one wall, to the different implements of pleasurable torture on the opposite. His erection was confused…excited yet, afraid to get up.

“What do you think?”

He jumped at Melinda’s voice. He was amazed at her presence, for such a petite woman. “I didn’t see anything.”

She giggled. “I imagine you’ve knelt on it to try it out?”

A moment pause followed as he considered his answer. With her in black yoga pants showing off her muscled legs and only a red sports-bra on top, Kevin was amazed he could think straight. “I’m a big guy and you wanted sturdy. It only seemed natural.”

“Good. Can we try it again now?”


She nodded and glanced at the wall of implements. “Please kneel.”

He froze.

“Don’t make me ask again.”

He knelt on the device and lay his ample size on top.

“It doesn’t even creak. That’s excellent.”

His ears heard her moving behind him to the wall and picking something up.

“He has a wallet in his back pocket. You better take it out.”

Confused, Kevin looked back to see Heather step into the room and do as instructed by slipping her hand into his jeans and tugging out the leather billfold.

Melinda held the handle of a black flogger. She grinned at Heather. “Do you want the honours?”

Wicked Wednesday


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