And the Moon Blushed

by Ghost-Tree-IOWThe building offered just a hint of light in the distance, but the mountains hid any natural light at this time of the evening.

Heather tugged lightly at the bonding around her wrists. She was facing the tree that she was tied to, her naked breasts feeling the touch of the cold bark. Her cold white breath drifting from her excited lips.

Not that she was actually seeing any of this.

“You asked for this,” Kevin’s voice whispered in her ear.

“Yes, I did,” she agreed with a grin. Brunette hair held in a pony tail bobbed between her shoulder blades while the black blindfold held her bangs off her forehead.

The tree was in a small thicket just off the local schoolyard. At this late hour, however, there were only adults involved.

“Last chance. You are certain?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Hector, you’re first,” Kevin’s voice suggested.

Strong hands were first on her hips, but quickly lowered to her legs to spread them apart.

Hector, an obvious code name, put strong hands on her hips first. Sliding his hands down, he pushed between thighs to direct leg spreading.

Feeling warmth breath between her shoulders, Heather guessed that the one called Hector was shorter than herself. Feeling what felt like a hairless forehead bump between her in the same spot, likely as the first man gripped his member to slide in, she also guessed he was bald. Likely meant that Mr. Hector was none other than Scotty, a friend of Kevin’s since high school. The warm thick cock pushing between her legs was further confirmed her suspicions as she knew Scotty was good and thick, but without much length. The tip of his erection pushed a gasp from her mouth as it slid into her pussy.

The man grunted, returning one hand to her hip and the other tugged on her pony tail with enough force to pull her head back.

His warm breath now filled her left ear.

Heather assumed June, Scotty’s wife, was likely waiting at the hotel for when the group returned from this outing. When the men would then swap stories of Heather’s birthday orgy and then swap partners as well.

Being this was not meant as a passion play, Scotty, nee Hector, only took a few moments before pulling out of her and allowing his orgasm to slowly drip down her thighs.

“Dario,” Kevin invited the next contestant.

Who was Dario, she wondered. She quickly ticked off whom she knew was not here and still, that left her with at least eight more to guess from.

The hands that gripped her, this time, were longer slimmer fingers with less mass. The grip was tight and would, no doubt, leave red on the hips. An erection slipped in and, like the hands, did not have the mass of the previous. The ferocity of the fuck, however, made up for any issues of size from this one.

Heather grinned, realizing that her body was being bucked by Brent. The grin was not so much about Brent as it was about the fact she loved licking Brent’s wife, Tanya. No doubt that pussy would be waiting, as well, at the hotel for Heather’s tongue.

Again, the fuck was relatively quick. With seven guys and only a half hour, this was not meant to be epic for them. Epic would be when they joined the rest of the group on the hotel floor they had rented.

With more warm cum dripping down her leg, however, it was already nearing dream status for Heather.

“Leonardo is next.”

Heather laughed knowing this had to be Sam with his TMNT passion. The hands that picked her up, this time, confirmed it as she felt another thick member opening her. Her feet dangled and rocked with each thrust from the large man. This one ended with her actually feeling the ejaculation onto her thighs, rather than simply the drip after the cock was done.

Next was “Joe”, then “Garcia” and “Luciano” before the biggest surprise of the event hit.


“Who?” Heather asked with head turning as though she could see through the blindfold. This was, no doubt, Kevin’s attempt to throw her a curveball. For the most part, Heather would have little problem guessing the men. The owner of the lubed strap-on dildo that she now felt pushing into her, would not be so simple.

Finally, the dildo was what brought Heather to orgasm.

After that was finished, she waited while the participants scattered to their vehicles and drove off. With how Kevin had set this up, she had neither seen them arrive, nor depart. She shivered in the cool breeze, waiting for Kevin.

Finally, he released her bindings from the tree, and was quickly hugging her into a heavy bathrobe for warmth. “You were fantastic,” he said with a kiss before lifting the blindfold off of her. “Any guesses on order?”

Heather, feeling as though all this sex had been just a passing dream, shrugged. “Doesn’t matter.”

“Oh? But what fun is the game without that?” He grinned.

“Who the fuck cares about order? Get me to the hotel. I want more.”

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