Snow Wolf

Another Blizzard by Dustin GaffkeWolf sat back on the wooden bench listening to its creaking protest. He lifted the paper bag to his lips and tipped it back. The liquid inside tasted exactly as it looked…brown…but it did warm his belly as it slipped down his throat.

The blasting of sideways wind and snow kept the park deserted otherwise. Leaves had abandoned the canopy of branches above and the green grass had vanished from the foot paths below…not that one could tell in the evening’s shadows that were already obscured by the blowing snow. The ongoing snow assault left all the children’s slides and swings as frozen ruins waiting for the subzero temperatures to thaw them for play once again.

A smile cracked Wolf’s frozen face, recalling his play with Fox on those swings on more than one late night. He would be behind her as she bent over, using the swing to support her against his thrusting cock.

Leaning forward, her breasts would be held against the plastic seat with her arms dangling out beneath it. She would bite her orgasmic tongue for fear of passing police hearing her scream.

Oblivious to his wife’s plight, Wolf pounded hard enough to bruise her ass. He would only stop once his cum emptied into her. Then, spinning her, he would seat her on the swing and push her until he could easy out his seed leaking from her pussy lips.

Taking another sip, white steam breath blew from his nostrils. Her taste…the feel of her thighs on either side of his head…her giggles and squirms in poor attempts to escape the taboo pleasures his mouth brought to her…all memories that strengthened his smile and brought warmth to his belly.

A number of times, even when doing this at two in the morning, there would be passersby that would see them. A homeless bloke that would stop at some distance, pull out his own cock, and stroke himself until he came. Couples would hurry past, stealing glances so as not to appear interested.

One couple, Wolf recalled warmly, liked what they saw so much that they mimicked Wolf and Fox on the next swing. They were a young, gorgeous couple with their sculpted bodies and perfect hair. The redhead, Nancy, did scream as her blonde boy, Brice, brought her to a squirting orgasm with his mouth. It turned that taboo night into one of some laughter and great memories. His cold eyebrows raised with the memory of how tight Nancy’s pussy had been when they had invited the couple back to the apartment. Four hours later with Fox riding Wolf’s cock, Nancy sitting on Wolf’s face, and the snoring of Brice sleeping beside them gave Wolf a prideful chuckle. Brice may not have had staying power, but he had a massive cock that Fox had enjoyed often since that first meeting.

Of course, that was eight years and four children ago…two for each couple. Understandably, Nancy was no longer as tight…but she was just as sexy as ever. Brice had severely picked up his game on staying power, as well, as old-man Wolf had taught him a thing or two along the way.

The cell phone in his breast pocket buzzed.

Pulling it out with his paw of a hand, he thumbed it to life. “This is Wolf.” He knew who it was, but he needed to stay getting into character.

“Kids are asleep,” Fox said with a low growl.

“And you? Are you ready?” his question was barely a whisper and a pang of worry crossed that she would not hear him over the whipping winds and snow.

“The door is unlocked. Too tired to go lock it. We’ll be fine, though.”

Wolf clicked the phone off with a blossoming toothy smile growing under the icicle-filled moustache on his upper lip. Standing, he felt the weight of the flogger in his right coast pocket and his hunting knife in the left.


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