Piper’s Organs

Pipe Organ eroticaAuthor’s note: This set has become very serial…might I suggest reading, at least, Snowbound and, though not as important to this piece, Anonymous Sex in Anonymous Buildings before reading this one.

Piper watched her breath disperse into the crisp blue sky.

After the day started overcast and snowy, the clouds had burned off to blue and offered a sunny afternoon.

“You okay?” Paul asked. He had just completed his task of removing the three bodies they had found in the church.

“Yeah, just cold.”

He nodded. “We have the propane fireplace ready to warm the place, and enough provisions to stay here for a week.”

“We’re not staying a week,” Piper growled at him.

“Not the plan, of course. We need to get out of the city.” He glanced around at the sun moving down towards the western horizon. “These are the shortest days of the year, so we’ll want to get inside soon.”

“We could burn the church down in the morning. That might be fun.”

Paul chuckled. “Yeah, we could.”

“I wouldn’t do that,” Guy interrupted. “You’ll take out the entire city block.”

“Pfft…who cares if we take out the entire block. Not like we’re waiting around.”

Guy glared at him. “Do you think you’re the only survivors?”

“Maybe not,” Piper said, “but what if we’re not the only survivors?”

Paul looked from Guy to Piper. It took a moment to remind himself that she could not see Guy…that no one else could see Guy had become a constant self-reminder since Paul’s near-death experience. “True enough,” he said to both. “Would be a good catharsis to watch something burn, though.”

Piper nodded. “Not like the fire extinguishers are likely to work. Anyway, tomorrow we should head south.”

“Why south? That’s into New York.”

“Yeah, but there’s ten times the population south of us. More likely to find other survivors.”

Turning to her, Paul watched as the breeze picked up her red hair and flapped it out behind her. Perhaps not quite as clean, but she looked as she had the first time he had seen her on the hologram.

She had been fucking the librarian fellow, John, hiding their frolic amidst the stacks of books. Her face had turned and it had seemed that, hologram or no, her green eyes had been staring directly at Paul.

Paul’s mind returned to the first time he had actually set eyes on her…

Three days earlier…

The black kimono came down to just above the thigh high black boots. All the black was in complete contrast to her pale, freckled skin. Red hair fell to half-way down her back. On seeing him, her first move was a light kiss…testing the waters. As she pulled back from him, however, her eyes widened.

Never a believer in “love at first sight”, Paul knew she sensed it just as he had seen her on the hologram. He just hoped it wouldn’t cause her to run.

It did not, however, as she pulled close again for a much deeper kiss. The kiss became a make-out session of such intensity that Wesley and Buttercup would have been impressed. Piper dragged him through the dark hallway to her room and only released his lips from hers in order to push him onto the bed. In her normal business practice, she would have waited to go any further than the first kiss until money had been exchanged. There was something, however, that was driving her to get this cock inside her. Within seconds, she had his pants unzipped and down far enough. One fist wrapped around his erection, and the other pushing her black panties aside, she lowered herself on to him.

Paul briefly thought about mentioning the word ‘condom’, but with the warmth and need he felt, it was quickly gone. The warmth of her pussy engulfed him entirely. He gripped her hips and thrust hard up into her.

A moan was pushed out of Piper by the first thrust and the moans got louder with each successive thrust. Sweat washed her brow and began to drip like tears down her face, falling from chin onto breasts and continuing its descent until the sweat found the meeting of their flesh and wetted his pubic hair.

In return, his cum shot into her, striking like lightning with its own heat.

Piper collapsed on top of him, heaving.

“Ummmm…hi,” Paul giggled into her shoulder. “I’m Paul.”

“I know,” she answered with a big smile and kissed him deeply again.

No one in that room was surprised that the kiss led to another love-making session. This time, it included Piper climaxing twice, once from Paul’s tongue and the second time from his cock before it launched another incursion inside her.

“I should pay you,” he whispered. Trying to catch his breath, he remained on top of her in the missionary position they had finished in.

“Yes, you should. But I want your phone number,” she whispered back and nipped at his earlobe. “You’re only paying so my agency doesn’t question it. Next time, though…”

He propped himself up so he could look down into her eyes. “I know.”

“There will be a next time, right?”

He grinned. “What time are you off tonight?”

The goofy laugh interrupted the blushing smile that followed…which soon led to another climax for Paul in Piper’s mouth…

Piper looked up at the pipe organ in the church’s loft above. The building was about one-hundred and fifty years old, she guessed, and the organ wasn’t much younger.

Likely built around World War II before the more modern high rises were built around it.

No doubt it was a building that was very poorly used in the late 21st and early 22nd Centuries. A building with much more history than it had future. Maybe they should burn it, setting flame to ancient religions that held them back.

Them, however, did not exist anymore, it seemed. Tonight it was just Piper and Paul. Tonight, for Piper and Paul, this archaic place would be home.

Tomorrow, Paul was hoping to be out of the city and away before any invading forces might show up.

The question remained, as to whom would be invading…or, for that matter, what.

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