Blizzards and Orgasms

by olivier bareau eroticaMonica woke to nothing. “My fucking alarm,” she screeched and sat bolt upright. Sweat dripped down between her breasts that stress from dreams had brought on. “Oh, fuck, it’s Christmas Day.”

No one and nothing answered her.

The darkness reminded her of a hood over her face and muffs over her ears for sensory deprivation.

She loved sensory deprivation.

However, realizing she could not hear breathing from either of the people she had gone to bed with added some creep to her thrill. Beside her, even her mobile offered no assistance with its darkened screen. “What fucking time is it?” Feeling around, Monica confirmed that they were both there. When sleeping she always pushed for space, so no surprise to find Sarah snuggled up against Graham without her knowing…the surprise, however, came with how cold they both were. Rolling out of the bed, she padded to the end and rummaged through her dresser drawer for the flashlight. With a click, she could see both faces.

Sarah and Graham, both with eyes open wide and looking pained, looked comfortably snuggled in their spoon. Neither was breathing.

“Guess you’re not going home to Myles today,” she said to Sarah’s corpse.

This was not a good start to the day.

Checking the bedside table, even Monica’s mobile offered no relief. “What fucking time is it?” Her stomach turned and her fear turned to alcohol coming back on her from the evening before. With a hand over her mouth, she turned away and went to the condo sitting room. Moving to the window, she pushed the blinds open to see the earliest signs of dawn approaching. Using the cords, she pulled them open in anticipation of the coming light. She imagined her body would be a naked silhouette in the window for anyone looking back.

Outside was mostly darkness with a hint of dawn in the distance. Four floors below were shadows and clumps in the snow, but nothing discernible.

A few minutes watching showed that the two bodies in her bed were not the only bodies Monica would be seeing this day. Still naked, she felt a shiver ran through her naked body and she began considering options. “This is not how I fucking wanted to start this day.” She had hoped to start the day by licking nervous Sarah’s shaved pussy again while Graham took turns fucking each of them. This, however, was not one of her current options. Based on light, she guessed the time was after 8 AM.

A quick check showed that the condo had no power, nor water.

Bottled water helped her wash before dressing. Much as she loved the smell of post-sex, she had no want to smell like it all day. Brushing her hair out somehow seemed moot, but she continued doing it in search of something feeling normal. Checking the window confirmed that there were a number of bodies out there, and no one moving that was noticeable. “Are they all dead?” she asked the sky. Her eyes searched up first, then back down to see even birds scattered around the streets. “Am I the only one left?”

There had to be others.

Sitting at her kitchenette, she forced herself to eat a left-over ham sandwich and drink a soda. Next she began preparing her travel pack with water, sweaters, scarves and extra jeans. The pack, itself, was large due to her love of camping. It was also bright yellow, making her think that she could be a target if there was anyone else out there. Her long blue parka was pulled on before slipping the pack over both shoulders.

The thought crossed her mind that this had to all be a dream. Then a second thought that, if not a dream, her b-list celebrity of the night before was gone this morning. Not that losing that would be a bad thing.

Leaving the condo, she began descending the stairs and a few bodies needed to be stepped over.

With the celebrity gone, it would be a fresh start. She could walk around anonymously which, since high school, had not happened.

She opened the door into the condo lobby and stepped out.

The lobby was bright with cream walls. No sound and no movement were the continued theme. A security guard slumped face-first into his dinner from the night before, but otherwise, all looked peaceful.

The gunshot, however, made Monica jump.

Then the tall cowboy walked out of the security office. He grinned at her. “What a glorious day!” He looked as if this was all natural and how things should be.

Her big eyes just blinked for a moment before her mind found a response. “It is?” She wanted to run but held her ground.

“I’m John.” He stepped from behind the security counter and offered a hand.

“Monica,” she responded slowly. His hand was warm and firm but still sent another shiver through her.

“So, Monica.” He leaned back against the security desk. “Are you ready for our new world?”

The grin he cracked had her thinking of a used car salesman. She controlled her breath, and responded in a deep sultry voice, “Well, John, I’m always ready.”

“Good girl. Let’s go then.” He stood and headed towards the condo’s front door.

Monica followed but made certain to stay behind him. She slept with creepier guys before, even enjoyed it…but something about him kept her on guard.

He led her out into the street where sun attempted to appear between snow clouds.

“John, are you sure you’re ready for this?”

He looked back over his shoulder at her. “Fuck, yeah. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.” His eyes took a walk over Monica’s body.

She imagined he was not seeing much through the puffy parka, but he seemed to like what he saw. With her curves, she scared off the guys looking for the trophies. A hunch, however, was that John was not one for petites and trophies. Considering the size of his cowboy boots, she also imagined that he was better endowed than Graham from the night before. Most importantly, with her mind returning to regular sex thoughts, she felt calm coming back. “Who did you shoot?”

His eyes popped back up to meet hers directly. “You heard that, did you?”

She nodded.

“Skinny dog I found with three broken legs. Put it out of its misery.”

Monica nodded. She didn’t believe him but did not think it would look good if she went back to check his references.

He turned back and sniffed the air. “Smell that?”

She did. “Smoke? Something on fire?”

Cowboy boots clicked as he moved quicker. “No, someone’s cooking. Think we found ourselves some breakfast.”

Following him around the corner, she saw the church steeple up the street first. Next she made out two figures on the church steps, a man and a woman, standing over a barbecue with smoke lifting away from it.”

“I’m famished,” John said back over his shoulder to her.

As they got closer, the two figures saw them approaching.

“How are you?” John yelled. “What a glorious day.”

Both the redheaded girl and the brown-haired man showed recognition on seeing John. Their eyes crossed to Monica briefly, but both returned to John.

“I’m John,” he waved and took the three steps up to where they stood. “This is Monica.” A thumb flipped over his shoulder in recognition of her following him.

“I’m Paul, and this is Piper,” the other man offered.

“We’ve met,” the redhead said.

John froze and stared at her. “Holy fuck, yes we did.”

Piper smiled at him. “Good to see you again. Good to see people again.”

Monica took the steps slowly. “Yeah, really good.” She stopped behind John and just far enough to the side to see the other two.

“We thought we might be the only two left.” Paul opened the barbecue and flipped something on the burner. “Hungry? We have more sausage I can put on.”

“Mmmmm…sausage,” Monica said more sultry than initially intended.

The other three laughed, however, and relief fell upon them.

“I know your voice,” Paul said, pointing at Monica with barbecue spatula.

“I doubt it.” She shrugged. Suddenly her mind filled with an image of her in a sandwich between John and Paul, one in her pussy and the other in her ass, while Monica ate out Piper’s pussy. She imagined the pussy would taste wonderfully tart and would be the perfect spice to both cocks filling her. In the interest of sharing, though, the idea of Piper’s tongue working Monica’s clit while watching the young redhead getting fucked by both also worked well.

A step further took her mind back to the beautiful blonde, Sarah, and how Monica would want to share Piper with her. Fingers, tongues, hands and breasts exploring everywhere as the three would move together in a fucking rhythm that no man could understand.

“Well, I’m ready to eat,” Piper said and turned her gaze down to the grill.

“So am I,” Monica said with her eyes fastened to the redhead.

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