Up, Up and Away!

Phone Me by Stephen Pierzchala erotica“Yes, mother.” Devlin Glass slammed down the phone.

Most would not have recognized this phone. It still had the curly cord wrapped in black rubber to match the black cradle.

Devlin was ready for the evening’s activities. Already in uniform, his skin-tight onesie was a mixture of brown and green blurred together and giving the illusion of ooze while also offering him a well-hung look. One news outlet had credited him with creating a new colour that they called “refried green”.”

The apartment itself was sparse. All the furniture, from the wooden office chair he sat in, to the grey metal desk with wooden top, to the twin mattress laying on the floor in the corner were bought at the local community recycling store. The only things in the room not from there were the three beer cases stacked against the wall by the door.

The very last bottle from the top case sat on the desk in front of him. In all its brown-glass glory, it glared back at him giving him a question as to what effort would be required to move the cases around so he could get one another one. However, there were bigger plans afoot this fine evening.

There was mayhem to create. There was mischief to unfold. There was shit to do.

The world needed Motion Sickness out on the streets to help show just where the cracks in its armour of good were. And there were many cracks that Devlin had found.

His mother, as was typical, had called to ask if he’d asked “that nice girl, Abby Ossington, out yet”. Pleading with Devlin to do something other than sitting in his apartment all alone watching hockey and porn.

Devlin did not watch hockey. He worked with Abby at the local grocery store where she managed him with an iron fist. His bagging skills were second to none, but she still demanded more than was humanly possible from him. Expressing his interest in the woman to his mother had opened a barrage of inquisition in the three years since as to why he had not asked Abby out.

There was the fear of rejection. Though complete bullshit, this was the one he told his mother. A game unfolded as he found new ways to describe the fictional devastation he would feel should Abby turn him down. It was difficult to say if mom believed him, but she always followed this with a strong dose of mothering…or was that smothering?

The real reason, however, was named Tee Kay Oh.

Part of the legend of Motion Sickness was ruining super heroes. He would occasionally beat up and rob an innocent just to keep his presence known, but most of his devious activity revolved around digging into the superhero closets and seeing just what they might be hiding there. His true mischief came in then turning that evidence over anonymously to the press and watching as the hero burned.

It was never very difficult putting a super together with their alter ego. A little research was all it usually took and, in this, the Abby Ossington-Tee Kay Oh connection was an easy one.

Devlin would have Abby. He had so many images of his erection sliding into her as he pulled that dark hair like reins. Another image had his erection with her big red lips wrapped around it until his white cum filled her mouth and overflowed down her cheeks.

This had never been the idea…until he found out that Abby Ossington was Tee Kay Oh.

The computer screen in front of him currently held enough proof to not only dethrone Tee Kay Oh as a loved superhero but likely have her arrested for things such as fraud and conflict of interest. It seemed that even superheroes could not refuse the lure of dollar signs. In the case of Tee Kay Oh, she partially owned a shop that many used to successfully fence goods at and, in an odd coincidence, those using that shop had never been caught…

…until Miss Direction and Cross-Eyes came along. Two of the cleanest records that Devlin had found belonged to these two. Both were more wannabee heroes than actual supers, but having kept their records pure they had succeeded at some decent busts that included one heist that had materials fenced at Tee Kay Oh’s shop.

Thanks to it being the store’s first offence, an actor Tee Kay Oh hired to play the alleged proprietor received a slap on the wrist.

Based on Tee Kay Oh’s path, Devlin believed he could actually turn her to villain without exposing her secrets. Certainly he was not above a little blackmail…especially when it meant he would be getting laid by such an exquisite creature.

More than anything, he was smitten.

Where the speed bump seemed to be, however, was seeing the friendship between Abby blossoming with Miss Direction and Cross-Eyes. There was even lust involved, Devlin surmised, on behalf of the young Cross-Eyes.

This meant he needed to work faster. He had to turn Abby into a super villain before Cross-Eyes turned her into a lesbian. This thought brought pause as he wondered if she could be both…or better yet, bi so he could also fuck that gorgeous body. It would be even a greater victory if she became a couple with Cross-Eyes and cheated on her with him.

Then again, though very clean records, Miss Direction and Cross-Eyes had some kink to them…serious kink. Regular records of their sexual escapades followed them across their crime fighting history. Nothing that they could get into trouble legally for, but with the right strings, he could get them severely slut-shamed. A little blackmail had him in tight with their tech expert, Roy, but nothing had yet come of that either.

The wooden chair squeaked in protest as he sat back and drummed his fingers across his six-pack abs. With the amount of beer he drank, he was very proud of those abs and soon found himself lost in the image of watching Abby’s pussy past them.

The phone rang, causing him to jump.

“Hello?” Leaning forward, he closed his eyes. With an elbow down, he rested his head in the palm of his hand. “Oh, mom, for chrisake!…I can’t talk, I’m on the graveyard shift tonight….no, mom, I’m not asking her out tonight.”

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