An Office Affair

dreamstime_xxl_6298689s eroticaRuth glanced up from her computer.

As usual, she was in the office early and the sun was yet to even peek its first light over the morning horizon of skyscrapers.

It always sounded more romantic when she thought of it that way. Worked much better when writing it in her blog so it would sound more sensual.

It was, however, Monday morning. There was never anything romantic, nor sensual about being at the office on Monday morning.

This past weekend, Hugh and the kids were all home which left her doing domestic duties from driving to hockey practice to having dinner with Hugh’s parents.

Yawn.All weekend long as Ruth filled her vanilla role with vanilla activities, thoughts of what Zephyr would do mixed into her imagination and danced. Though it was entertaining, it didn’t do much.

Zephyr wanted to play.

A rustle at a desk in the next set of cubicles brought her attention back to the office.

Randal was the only workmate in at this time of the morning with her. He was about ten years older than Ruth and was an average guy. Not the tallest, not the strongest, and his slight beer-belly gave away the stresses of having teenagers at home. His shock of white hair made him appear even older than he actually was.

A few times Ruth had mused about an office affair. Fantasy-wise, she always imagined the younger, sexier guys in the firm. Were she ever to do it, however, she expected Randal would be more mature. Lifting her coffee, she flipped the page of news on her screen to the next story.

Papers shifted in the next cubicle.

Fuck this, she was going to do it.

Standing, she smoothed out her black skirt and made sure her red blouse was straight. One further glance behind confirmed that the fishnet stockings were perfect. A few quick steps with the clicking of her over-the-knee boot heels took her around the rat maze of cubicles to find Randal hunched over a stack of papers. “So what’s new?”

His blue eyes looked up and blinked. This was new. “Not much, you?”

“Regular weekend, nothing exciting.”

“Tell me about it.” His eyes shifted back down to his papers.

“I need a sample,” she said with a grin.

His eyes shot back up to her. Being she was administrative and not sales nor operations, this would seem like an odd request.

“We’re redoing our kitchen and I was hoping you could get me a sample for the counter.”

“Oh, sure.” Rolling back, he stood. His usual black golf shirt and slacks were a perfect way to help hide his bulk. “Follow me.” Average guy, or not, he still towered over her. He led her out of the office and into a back room. Flipping the light on, he stopped in the middle and stared at the line of shelves housing cardboard boxes. “Any idea of colour?”

She stepped around him, intentionally brushing against his arm with the cup of her left breast. “Red. I think we want red.”

His face was red. “That’s pretty bright for a counter. Solid colour or patterned?”

“I don’t want a sample.” Ruth glanced upwards and around. One could never be too safe with security cameras at work these days, but she found none.

The red from his face vanished, and his demeanor changed. “What do you want, then?”

She turned to face him and leaned back against one of the metal shelves. Her eyes lowered to his crotch and held for a moment before returning to his eyes.

Randal’s head shifted to one side as he considered what this meant. After a moment, his hands unzipped.

“You’re not blushing anymore.”

“I’m only embarrassed when things happen that are unintended.”

Her eyes caught a flash of bright red briefs before watching his hands pull out a massive length.

Perhaps he wasn’t so average, after all.

Randal stood very calmly as he stroked his penis into an upward curved erection.

“That’s gorgeous,” she whispered.

“You just want to watch me beat off?”

“You complaining?” Her eyes, again, briefly lifted to his before returning to the cock in his hands.

“Not really. I do have something of an exhibitionist streak in me.”

She grinned.

His right hand moved from stem to tip and his left hand seemed to be holding the base in place. “You would look awfully good with your lips wrapped around this.”

Standing straight, she put her hands on her hips. “You saying I don’t look good?”

“Hell no, and I do like a brat,” he hissed and stroked faster.

Ruth stepped closer to him. “A brat? You think I’m a brat?”

“Not completely. I’ve always got the impression you aren’t quite as straight and narrow as you put on.”

“I’m not,” she whispered. Her hands stopped his stroking by wrapping around the hard cock. Lowering to her knees, she glanced up at him with a grin.

His hands, now free, went to the back of her head and shifted her hair so he could watch. “Good girl,” he whispered back while watching his erection vanish between her lips. He gasped at the feeling of her tongue on him.

She stroked, licked and sucked gently. The salty taste was one she did not get often enough and, in her eagerness, she almost gagged on him. Pulling back, she stood up again and walked over to a stack of boxes in the corner. Leaning forward, she pulled her skirt up and reached under to pull her panties down and drop them to around her ankles.

Following over her he took up the position behind her, again stroking his length until she was prepared. His left hand took a handful of her hair and pulled while his left hand aimed his erection and pushed into her folds.

The thought of a condom went through her mind as she felt the tip of his cock open her up. The feeling of fullness his cock caused, pushed that thought away.

Good thing this was only a fantasy.

Her senses snapped back to her computer screen with this last thought. A glance around her cubicle brought back the reality of the vanilla office.

Randal, in the next set of cubicles, shuffled paper.

“Dammit,” she whispered. Damp panties under her black slacks meant she could not move for a bit. The vanilla office was not a place she often wore skirts, never mind stockings. At least the blue blouse was still tucked in.

Tomorrow, though…

Maybe she would try out this fantasy tomorrow.

Her grin blossomed sensing the beginning of a great adventure. Her eyes turned to one side as she considered whether or not to tell Randal he was going to be part of it.

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