Feels So Good

Press play…

erotic-447691_1280 erotica“What’s with the disco? She feeling retro again?”

Silk laughed. “No, Argyle, She got a new toy.”

“Oh, is that why we’re…?”

“Of course, Argyle, why else would we be? And you know as well as I that 70s disco means it’s her playtime.”

“I see how it is. She masturbates with these machines…”

“Preach to the choir, reverend!”

“and we’re…” Argyle stopped to take a big breath.

“Yeah, forgotten,” Silk growled.

“…left like yesterday’s newspaper.”

Priscilla screamed in pleasure from on top of the bed.

“Selfish,” Argyle said with a cluck of disgust. “Just selfish. And why i”

Silk sighed. “She doesn’t seem to understand we can’t fold ourselves.”

erotica blowjoberotica blowjob


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